BRISTOL BITS: Surprising Judy Michaud

Published on Tuesday, 28 September 2021 15:42


I wanted to surprise Judy Michaud with this, so I didn’t seek to talk to her. She’s a crossing guard in Bristol with her current post being West Chippens Hill School. She is also home right now after taking a fall, but she’ll be back.

Previous to her current assignment, she was a crossing guard for Thomas H. Patterson and John J. Jennings schools. I swear I used to see on North Main crossing young students over Route 6.

“Judy has loved every day crossing her many children through the last 57 years,” writes her sister-in-law, Rochelle Levins.

Frederick Reimer on local 60’s bands

After reading about the passing of former Bristol musician John Folcik of “The Vogues” and “The Squires” bands, Frederick “Rick” Reimer sent me an email telling me that he was sad when hearing of this news. He writes, in part:

“Had a nice conversation of the bands with former Bristolite Jeff Lusis. He and I have met many times in the past four or five years while enjoying the music scene in the Bay Area. At first we were just ‘Jeff from Wisconsin’ and ‘Fred from Utah.’ After several months of meeting at shows, saving seats or places in line for each other, and meeting occasionally for lunch we realized we were both from Bristol.

“We lived a mile and a quarter from each other, both of us went to Edgewood School and BEHS, we knew the same teachers, and he used to play with my brother Tom in the Edgewood playground at recess. I was in the BEHS class of ‘65 and he was in the class of ‘67. Small world.

“I have such good memories of the early-mid 60’s musical shows that he (John Folcik) ws part of along with several other folks. ‘The Rogues and The Squires’ were the band names I remember most. Several of their shows were organized by our friend Jim Kane and they were fun.”

Eddie Vaughan

Eddie, the “Human Encyclopedia” of Bristol sports, sent me an email from Richmond, Va., in saying that he has met a lot of new friends there. He enjoyed the recent Richard Jackson stories here and reminded me that Mr. Jackson was inducted into the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame approximately 20 years ago.

Last that I knew, Eddie had been residing in Farmington for some years. Eddie, “I wish you the best!”


Dave Mills and Timi Paccoirett celebrated on Tuesday with Mary Ann Borkowski, John Fasolo and Guthrie Anikienko doing so today. Pam Caminiti has a birthday on Saturday.

Janice Hall Mercieri

This former Bristol resident had a birthday on Sunday and with this she has asked that everyone to do a random act of goodness every day to make this a better world.

Johnie Floyd Memorial Cross Country Course

I spoke with Bristol City Councilman Peter Kelley yesterday and he told me that the dedication of the Johnie Floyd Cross Country Course at Page Park will take place right after Bristol Central and Bristol Eastern boys and girls teams finish their competition with one another that day.

This will be on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 14, 2021, and the dedication will take place 5:30-ish that afternoon.

Contact Bob Montgomery at or by calling 860-583-5132.

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