BRISTOL BITS: Monarch butterfly lovers unite on a recent sunny day

Published on Tuesday, 24 August 2021 16:36


Carolyn Perkins and her husband, Tim, are members of the same church as Mary Lynn Gagnon and her husband, Gary. And at one point, Carolyn, who is a monarch butterfly propagator (if that’s a proper word to use) found out that Mary Lynn had written something about the butterfly species of which she is also fond of.

With this, Carolyn recently invited Mary Lynn and I – another lover of this butterfly – to her house to see her release some of those raised in her home the day they were ready to go. There is a short window of time after their growth in which they are to be given their freedom.

The morning this took place was wonderful and the releases were awesome. Carolyn would take one butterfly out of a protected and screened bag and hand them to us, one at a time. It was a warming experience for both Mary Lynn and I.

There were 11 released in Carolyn’s backyard after flying off the palms of our hands. One comfortable fellow remained perched on Mary Lynn’s hand for approximately 10 minutes, while the others flew off in short time.

Tom DiPinto

A column last week asked if anyone knew of the name of the fellow who sold groceries in the West End a few decades ago, and I received some informative responses to it. Barbara Sergio was among them to write and tell me this was her uncle, Tom DiPinto.

He sold groceries out of his reconverted bus, mainly in the West End. She added that some of his boxed grapes were purchased by those – I assume the Italians – for making wine. She also mentioned that this West End food icon married Lizette Orzo and they had a son named Victor.

Tom Voisvert on the Ouellette store

“I grew up on Arlington Street in the mid-50’s and early-60’s, and we had Ouellette’s Market at the corner of Concord and Fairfield Street. They cramped a whole lot of little stuff in a little store, a bit of everything. My mom would make a phone order to Mrs. Ouellette, then I would walk down to pick up two or three bags with my wagon.

“An early Pea Pod. A different time.”

Rewind 2001 (20 years ago)

The special license plate JLODO which is seen on a blue-colored Volvo around town, is an easy one to figure out. It belongs to John Lodovico.

When asked about its origin, John explained that he obtained the marker after he had his first car at age 17. His aunt, the late Margaret Lodovico, who was working at DMV at the time, provided him with the paperwork to obtain the plate.


Fran Myszkowski celebrates today with Dave Blandino doing so on Friday.


In a recent column I questioned the last name spelling of Peter Dekow, because I had seen it spelled two different ways. And with this, Peter sent me this interesting and informative email

“My parents didn’t like the spelling and pronunciation of Dekow. They were told legally it would cost them a lot of money. So they decided to change it to Dekoe (but not legally). [For the Deparment of] Motor Vehicle and the military - I had to revert back to Dekow. It was a pain.

“When I met Claudette and we decided to get married, I met with attorney George Calder and we had to go to court in Hartford, CT. I had to testify in front of a judge why I wanted it done. It was accepted and my name legally became Dekoe.

“I didn’t want my wife or children to go through the gymnastics with the name in legal/non legal transactions through life. Claudette and I have a son and a daughter [and] five grandchildren – I’m so thankful I made the move to get the name Dekoe legalized.”

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