Imagine Nation took part in some earthly space exploration as part of Home School Day

Published on Thursday, 5 August 2021 14:58
Written by Dean Wright


BRISTOL – Families visited the Imagine Nation Children’s Museum and Preschool Thursday afternoon to take part in some earthly space exploration as part of Home School Day.

“We have been lucky enough to partner with the National Informal Science Educators Network and it’s out of Arizona State University,” said Imagine Nation Studio Education Manager Karen Pac. “They’re closely associated with NASA so a lot of the things we have we get from the Smithsonian and places like that. They send us all these beautiful kits for kids to learn about space in a way that is more experiential.”

Pac said it was easier for younger children to learn with hands-on experiences. She said the Imagine Nation aimed to have interactive activities for children 2 to 8.

“We decided to do our Home School Day a day in space,” she said.

Among some of the activities available for visiting children included small astronaut uniforms they could dress in, exploration activities in the form of designing and testing space construction as well as an activity modeled after an escape room. The escape room-style moon game had five different challenges for children to complete in their “mission.”

Imagine Nation Outreach Coordinator Rachel Szostek was present to interact with visitors.

“We feel good about it. We found out about it last night so it was a quick decision,” said the mother of three, Kasia Chrustier. “So far we’ve only done two activities but I think they’re looking forward to the escape room-type activity.”

Peter Pagnoni, father of two, said it was a fun activity.

“This escape room is really cool,” said Pagnoni. “It’s fun for the kids to explore and get out of the house.”

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