Families putting goats in pajamas

Published on Saturday, 31 July 2021 19:41
Written by Dean Wright


SOUTHINGTON -- Families spent the early Saturday afternoon visiting with goats on the Bradley Mountain Farm as part of one the many events hosted.

Guests took part in dressing and undressing goats in pajamas while visiting, learning and walking with them about the farm property.

“A lot of people think of baby goats in pajamas but all of our goats have been dressed up in costumes and pajamas since they were little and they love it,” said Bradley Mountain Farm Event Leader Melissa Allard. “They know it means they get treats and they get to meet with people and they truly enjoy it.”

Farm Owner Annelieso Dadrass wanted goats as a child and finally purchased some in 2015. The farm opened to the public in 2016. 

“Most of our activities have goats,” said Allard. “We make goat milk soap. We have goat milk soap making classes. We have a goat nanny class where you learn how to take care of them and then we have the events, goat cuddles, snuggles, yoga and goats in pajamas.”

There are 42 goats on the property and 29 chickens. Of the goat herd, there are nine goats about a month old.

“It’s fabulous and I’ve been following them on Facebook and finally I was like we got to go because this is going to be awesome,” said farm visitor Shari Griffin. “How can you not be happy seeing goats, especially in pajamas?” 

“It’s good to get out and do something that’s stress free and get fresh air,” said Deborah McLeod. “We’d definitely come out again. It’s been a great time.”

“We’ve never been here and my brother has done it. This is my daughter and she wanted to do it after he talked about his experience,” said Jennifer Amaro about her daughter Brianna Franco.

“It’s fun,” said Franco. “I think my favorite part so far was (dressing the goat). They get exercise and I’d come back.”

Jessica Leon said she felt coming out to the farm was an “amazing” time and they were also first time visitors who had heard about the event via social media.

“It’s interesting learning about goats and their (breeds),” said Jessica. “I don’t really know much about them.”

Kaideliz Leon said that she loved animals and learning about them. The two said they would likely return for an art event with the goats.

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