Local man accused of causing thousands of dollars of damage to Bristol apartment during eviction

Published on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 14:02


BRISTOL – A local man faces charges after a city landlord accused him of causing about $12,000 worth of damages to an apartment on Pine Street when he was evicted.

Anthony Hannah, 40, of 146 Pine St., was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, first-degree criminal damage of property and false statement.

David Haberfeld, who owns multiple area properties, accused Hannah in March of using an eviction moratorium -- designed to help tenants affected by the covid-19 pandemic -- to his advantage, avoiding rent for about 14 months. He also accused him of causing about $12,000 worth of damages to his apartment.

Haberfeld in March said the entire unit would essentially have to be replaced, with the exception of perhaps the bathtub. The landlord said the damages to the apartment included paint splatters all over, vulgar messages written in spray paint, some of which were directed at Haberfeld, and a host of appliances that were destroyed, among other issues.

Haberfeld on Tuesday said he knew a warrant had been signed for Hannah’s arrest, but he was pleased to learn that he was charged this week.

“He should be held responsible for his actions,” Haberfeld said.

“It took a long time, and it was very expensive,” he said of the eviction, adding that there were additional costs associated with the incident, including the loss of rent money. “I hope he’s made to pay restitution.”

Haberfeld says he tried evicting Hannah about two months before the pandemic was declared over multiple complaints alleging he was using parking spots to make repairs on cars. After reportedly ignoring these warnings, one of the cars the tenant was working on was finally towed. Haberfeld said he never paid rent again after this.

Though Haberfeld filed eviction papers before the pandemic, he says, Hannah was protected by the moratorium that was put in place to help those who could no longer afford rent.

Earlier this year, after a trial, Hannah was ordered to leave the apartment, Haberfeld said. Even then, a judicial marshal had to get involved to make sure he left the premises, according to Haberfeld.

It was then that Haberfeld discovered the thousands of dollars of damage, which he reported to police as vandalism.

According to police records, Hannah is free from custody and is expected to appear in New Britain Superior Court on Aug. 9.

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