Arts Magnet School Committee discuss possibility of engraved bricks at new school

Published on Friday, 23 July 2021 16:53
Written by Dean Wright


BRISTOL -- The Memorial Boulevard Intradistrict Arts Magnet School Committee met Thursday evening to discuss possibility of placing engraved bricks in the school’s walks as a means of fundraising.

Greg Hahn, representing the nonprofit Bristol Arts and Culture Fund, approached the committee during its public participation phase.

“The purpose of this nonprofit is to raise money for arts and culture efforts within the City of Bristol,” said Hahn. “This can translate into working with the city in (parks and recreation). It could be if somebody has a need for something special in the theatre area that wasn’t originally planned. We’ll be working with state and federal agencies for grants.”

Hahn said the organization’s mission is essential in helping others apply for grants with likeminded goals. 

“The committee would like to put forward an idea for fundraising so we can get off on the right foot in supporting these efforts,” said Hahn. “The first effort is to have people donate money and have bricks engraved on a patio area or walkway area... A brick can be engraved with a name and a year (a donor was) at the school.”

Hahn said he felt there were a “tremendous” amount of people that could potentially be tapped for such an effort, whether they were teachers or students in the past.

Hahn asked the school renovation committee to place a discussion surrounding the bricks on the next meeting’s agenda and was met with approval. Around 800 bricks are anticipated to be discussed. Dr. Michael Dietter asked Hahn to determine if the bricks would need to be engraved on site and other logistical concerns to bring before the council. Several committee members voiced approval of the initiative. It was just a matter of discussing details.

In other issues, the committee approved a contract to move management services for the coordination of “FF&E” activities at the school to MovePlan USE for roughly $44,650 and to be brought before the City Council for approval.

The project has thus far completed much of the plumbing on the lower level of the renovation of the school as well as pipe fitting and set mechanical ductwork tie-ins and roof drains for the school theatre. Wall framing and new HVAC systems are in progress for the proposed school theatre, drywalling the first floor of the academic wing, framing for drywall and ductwork, priming and painting of the second floor of the academic wing of the school and more.

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