BRISTOL BITS: Getting the lowdown of former city author Nancy Pappas

Published on Friday, 23 July 2021 11:07


I recently wrote about a small book entitled, “Mark Twain’s Adventure”, written by a then local woman, Nancy Pappas, where I wondered what became of her. “Forestville Villager” Marsha Lockhart sent me an email. 

“When I read your column about needing information about Nancy Pappas, I thought I’d seen that book. As the story goes, Nancy and Gordy Pappas were good friend’s of Don’s (Marsha’s husband Don Lockhart) and Don’s first wife, Martha (Higginbotham). I will tell you what I know and what he remembers.”

Nancy’s husband, Gordy, passed away a few years ago in Southington. Apparently, they had the book published in Guilford. They had a cottage near Hammonasset and self-published.

She went on to say that it was published by Locke Town Publishing, P.O. Box 34, Forestville, CT, and believes it may have been dedicated to Chrissy, Darcy and Jason, who may have been her sister, Diane’s, children.

Now, does anyone one know how to contact Diane or Nancy, or where they may live today? I don’t know Diane’s last name.

Colin’s legend grows

Wednesday’s column featured Colin Cavallari who wanted to help former Harvest Bakery owner Marty Hurwitz out when he was small. Colin is now an employee at the bakery years later as a teenager. Here is what Marty had written about Colin in a recent email to me:

“When he was a little boy, he came in every Sunday after church and we let him and his sister, Emma, frost and fill their own donuts. Colin is a great kid and it’s hard to believe after all of these years he still wanted to work at the bakery.”

(Colin and Emma are the grandkids of Bernie and Jean Sue O’Keefe.)

Birthdays and milestones

Joyce Bogan sent me an email to say that her sister and brother-in-law, Ray and Betty (Leide) Rasmus have been married for 60 years; Bob Barnett celebrates a birthday on Monday.

A lot about nothing

When I drive around town, I often see folks from a distance and make a note of it. Here is some of what I have seen:

Dave Lemoine starting up his lawn mower. He has one of the neatest yards you’d want to see; Mark Bolduc, supervisor of maintenance for the Bristol Public Library, is seen driving between City Hall and Manross Memorial Library in doing the fine job he does; Ken Meehan was enjoying some time off; Dave Seeger was spiffing up the grounds at the Eastern Regional Little League Center. 

Famous people from Bristol

There is a list from A-Z of famous “People from Bristol, CT” that I come across from time-to-time. I believe I have the names of three people who should be on that list:

The recently deceased Wallace “Wally” Barnes; his widow, Barbara (Hackman) Franklin; and Robert “Bob” Fiondella. Barnes was CEO and president of the Barnes Group, a Fortune 500 company (Franklin, a former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, was recently appointed to the board of the Smithsonian National  Museum of American History; and Fiondella served as president and CEO of the Phoenix, as well as heading up many key ventures). Pretty heady stuff!

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