Bristol man slit girlfriend's throat with large filet knife before calling others to confess, police say

Published on Tuesday, 15 December 2020 15:37


BRISTOL - Kevin Bard, the Bristol man who has been charged with murdering his girlfriend late Sunday, allegedly slit the woman’s throat with a large filet knife before calling multiple people, including her sister, to say he had killed her and was waiting for police to arrive.

Bard, 54, told police that the woman “deserved it, she doesn’t know how to shut her mouth, you all know that,” according to the police report.

Bard is officially listed as living in Wethersfield in judicial documents, but police believe the couple were living at the Vance Drive residence together in violation of multiple court orders.

The report says Bard and the victim had been issued three protective orders each prohibiting contact between the two.

According to the police report, officers around 9:25 p.m. received a call from a Massachusetts resident who said Bard had called him to say he “sliced” his girlfriend’s throat. The relationship between the caller and Bard is not made clear in the report.

Shortly thereafter, police received another call, this one from the victim’s sister, who said she also received a call from Bard. The woman told police he called to inform her he had cut her sister’s throat and was waiting for police.

Responding officers saw Bard through the apartment’s glass storm door sitting alone on the couch, speaking on the phone. He told the caller “they’re at the door, they’re coming” and “I wanted to let you know,” police wrote in the report. He indicated he was on the phone with a family member.

According to police, Bard called four to five people after the killing, which included family members of his and the victim’s and one of his friends. Police said he did not appear to be overly upset or remorseful. He also appeared intoxicated, according to police.

Police said Bard reluctantly complied when he was ordered at gunpoint out of the residence. Officers checked the apartment for the victim and called out her name, to which Bard replied “she’s dead, she’s [expletive] dead,” according to the report. He was taken into custody without a struggle.

Police then found the victim lying flat on a bed, with her legs hanging off. An officer wrote in the report she had a “large obvious wound to her neck.”

“The wound was extremely deep and was clear to be incompatible with life,” the officer wrote, also noting that there was a “substantial amount of blood spray on the wall behind” the victim.

A large filet knife was found near the body.

Police checked with both neighbors on either side of the apartment to determine if they had heard or seen anything. One neighbor said for the past two days he had heard Bard and the victim arguing at all hours of the day. The other neighbor did not notice anything unusual.

According to the report, police around 8:13 p.m. the night of the murder were dispatched to the couple’s apartment after receiving a medical alert activation. An officer spoke to the victim, who said she had accidentally hit the medical alert and did not need an ambulance, the report said. Police said nothing appeared suspicious at the time, as she opened the door fully and did not appear to be hiding anyone and did not appear to signal to police that anything was wrong, the report said.

Bard faces charges of murder, first-degree criminal trespassing, violation of a standing criminal protective order and three counts of violation of a protective order. Standing criminal protective orders are generally issued in connection with a domestic violence conviction, while general protective orders are usually issued in connection with pending domestic violence charges.

Judicial records indicate Bard had three pending cases in New Britain Superior Court prior to Sunday’s arrest. In those matters, he faces charges of third-degree assault, violation of a protective order, second-degree breach of peace and first-degree criminal trespassing.

He was most recently sentenced to six months in prison in December 2019 after pleading guilty to one count of violation of a protective order, according to judicial records.

Bard was arraigned in New Britain on Monday in connection with the killing, where his bond was set at $1 million, which judicial records indicate he has not posted. He did not enter a plea during the hearing and is due back in court on Jan. 28.

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