Bristol Water and Sewer Department sets up a water filling station

Published on Thursday, 6 August 2020 16:55


For most people, Tuesday’s tropical storm only took away their power, but for those who do not get their running water from the city might have lost water as well.

In response, the Bristol Water and Sewer Department implemented its normal response to power outages by setting up a water filling station outside its water treatment plant at 1080 Terryville Ave.

“No one that is on the public water system has lost water, but there are houses in the community that have private wells, so if they lose power they will not have water if they don’t have a generator,” water department superintendent Robert Luongo said. “We don’t want to see [anyone] have a sanitary health problem.”

Patrons are required to bring containers and are expected to follow to all coronavirus guidelines. The station is not going to be manned as the department decided to avoid putting its employees at risk. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available at the station, but cannot be replaced if they are taken or run out.

“We’re hoping the public will adhere to all CDC and the governor’s guidelines,” Luongo said. “We are not manning it due to the safety of our own staff. We’re hoping that the public will take this good gesture and work with us.”

Posted in The Bristol Press, Bristol on Thursday, 6 August 2020 16:55. Updated: Thursday, 6 August 2020 16:57.