Bristol Hospital using ultraviolet light to help disinfect patient rooms

Published on Friday, 22 May 2020 16:57


BRISTOL -- Bristol Hospital has purchased a new piece of equipment that uses ultraviolet light as an extra sanitation measure when cleaning its facility -- a measure taken during the coronavirus pandemic, but one that will be useful far beyond COVID-19.

“It brings another layer of disinfection,” said Darius Erami, systems director of support services at Bristol Hospital.

The piece of equipment, called the MoonBeam3, is made by Diversey, a South Carolina-based company that sells cleaning and hygiene products. It cost about $26,000 and has been in use at the hospital for about a month. It produces UV-C light that kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

The MoonBeam3 has three articulating arms with ultraviolet lights attached. The lights can be configured to the unique specifications of a room before the operator leaves the room, secures the door and activates the lights by remote. To avoid possible harm to individuals, the MoonBeam3 deactivates upon motion, if, for example, someone tried to enter the room before its light cycle was done.

“We focus mainly on the patient rooms,” Erami said, adding that rooms are disinfected thoroughly upon a patient’s discharge, using more common cleaning methods, before the ultraviolet lights are used as an added layer of sanitization.

Bristol Hospital also uses the lights on high traffic areas in the hospital, mainly in the overnight hours.

Luis Diaz, linen services supervisor, said the equipment is used in a patient room for three minutes on each side of the bed, then for another three minutes in the bathroom. Those using it wear full personal protective equipment.

While the ultraviolet lights have been known to be used on PPE, Erami said Bristol Hospital is not in the position where it needs to reuse things like surgical masks and, thus, only uses the MoonBeam3 on hard surfaces.

“It’s in addition to all the routine cleaning,” he said.

Although the MoonBeam3 is not the most expensive piece of ultraviolet light equipment on the market, Erami said it’s very high quality and fits Bristol Hospital’s needs.

“This is a commercial-grade, heavy duty one,” Erami said. “A lot of the top-tier hospitals use it. It’s very good quality.”

The ultraviolet equipment was purchased during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Bristol Hospital officials will use it as an extra sanitation measure long after the coronavirus outbreak diminishes.

“It’s something we can always use,” said Chris Boyle, spokesman for Bristol Hospital.

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