West Hartford woman seemed to show no remorse for allegedly killing Bristol man's snake: court documents

Published on Monday, 11 November 2019 21:06


BRISTOL - A West Hartford woman accused of throwing a Bristol man’s snake out a window seemingly showed no remorse when she was told her alleged actions would kill it, according to court documents.

Laine Zetoff, 20, allegedly sent a message to the victim saying she did not mean to kill the pet snake, with an emoji that showed a woman shrugging and holding her hands up, signifying “Oh well,” the warrant said.

The warrant was redacted to exclude any information about the complainant before it was released to the public. In the document, police said, Zetoff, in her conversation with the victim, admitted to throwing his snake out a window. The climate in New England, despite it being July when the incident occurred, was not warm enough for the animal to survive. The snake has been presumed dead.

In a message to The Bristol Press, a person identifying herself as Zetoff contends that the snake had been lost before the July incident and that she only told the victim she had thrown it out a window to upset him.

Court documents indicate police were told the same thing when they spoke to the West Hartford resident.

In her message to the Press and when speaking to police, Zetoff also made allegations against the complainant. Police wrote in the warrant that she did not have any proof of these, adding that she “began to try and make herself the victim in the incident” while speaking to an officer about the complainant’s allegations.

Police have charged Zetoff with killing the snake, harassing the man with excessive phone calls and sharing a nude photo of him over social media.

The man called police on July 13 to report what he alleges occurred with Zetoff, who police have said is his ex-girlfriend. He told officers she had thrown his 8-to-12-inch sand boa, which he acquired in May, out of a window in his Bristol home. The animal needs an environment that consists of sand, a constant source of water and a temperature of 89 to 92 degrees. The man said he believed the snake would die on its own, as it was about 70 degrees at the time.

While police were trying to speak with the complainant, officers noted in the warrant, Zetoff called his phone excessively through SnapChat and a random phone number, since he had blocked her actual number. Police noted that the calls were so excessive that the man could not show an officer the screenshots of the text-message conversation in which Zetoff allegedly admitted to throwing the snake out a window.

At times, police said, Zetoff called the man as many as 20 times in as many minutes. The complainant told an officer this had been happening for about a week.

When an officer spoke to Zetoff, she denied throwing the snake out of a window, the warrant said. She initially admitted to sharing a nude photo of the victim to her Instagram account out of spite, but later “caught on that she may be getting in trouble” and backtracked, according to the warrant.

Zetoff was arrested on Oct. 26 and charged with cruelty to animals, second-degree harassment and illegally disseminating an intimate image. She is free on $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in New Britain Superior Court on Nov. 25.

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