Brittany Barney wins City Council seat after recount

Published on Thursday, 7 November 2019 17:46


BRISTOL - Brittany Barney has won the City Council District 3 seat.

After a recount this morning at City Hall, Barney was shown to have a total of 1,613 votes, versus Cheryl Thibeault’s 1,608.

The recount for the Board of Education showed Republican Allison Wadowski won a seat by 23 votes over Democratic incumbent Karen Hintz.

Republican Thibeault appeared to be the winner in early vote counts on Election Night, but once the absentee ballots were counted Democrat Barney moved into the lead by one vote.

“I’m just so happy,” Barney said when the results were announced.

She recalled how she first ran for the same seat two years ago and came up more than 100 votes short. “Now I’ve grown up a little bit more, my daughter’s grown up a little bit more, so I’m so excited to serve the third district.”

“Cheryl was a great opponent. She has a really strong background with the city and I can’t believe it came down to this kind of margin. I knew it would be close but I never thought it would be less than 10 votes between the two of us,” Barney continued.

“Your vote really does count,” she said. “It makes the difference between a win and a loss for someone. We had a pretty decent turnout this year but I’m excited to hopefully try to drive more people to vote and be engaged in the process because it’s amazing how much your vote actually matters.”

Barney added that she believes in what Mary Fortier, her fellow District 3 Democrat, and Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, both of whom were just re-elected, have done for the city. “I’m excited to carry the torch and keep it going for another two years.”

Dante Tagariello, the unsuccessful Republican mayoral candidate, spoke for Thibeault, who was not able to attend the recount.

“It was certainly a close election and very disappointing. Voters did not choose the experienced candidate, and I think that is unfortunate. However, I congratulate Brittany Barney, she is my council person and I will definitely be in contact with her soon about many issues,” he said.

State law requires a recount if the difference between the candidates is less than 20 votes or less than 0.5% of the total number of votes cast for the office.

Barney joins fellow Democrat Fortier as the top two vote getters for the third district. Fortier got 1,874 votes, Republican Camerin Crowal got 1,389, and write in candidate Ajmal Mehdi got 1.

The final result for Council District 3 means for her second term Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu will be working with a council where all six seats are occupied by her fellow Democrats.

Results for the other council districts are:

District 1: Democrats Scott Rosado, 2,304; Greg Hahn, 2,284; Republicans Jeffrey Caggiano, 2,123; Kathy Faber, 2,041.

District 2: Democrats David Preleski, 2,036; Peter Kelley, 1,972; Republicans Hannah Lemek, 1,927; Gary Lukasiewicz, 1809.

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