BRISTOL BITS: Girls recognized for achievements in Girl Scouts

Published on Tuesday, 17 September 2019 17:15
Written by Bob Montgomery

Jennifer Smith, Bristol service unit manager, hosted a program at Rockwell Park on Sunday, where 36 girls bridged from one level to the next in Girl Scouts.

Among the dignitaries in attendance were Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, Councilor Peter Kelley, Jim Smith of American Legion Post 2 who provided the invocation and benediction, and Linda Rich, director of the Family Resource Center.

“No matter what anyone tells you, never ditch your dream,” Zoppo-Sassu said. “No matter what your dream is, keep on going. Keep being a do-er and make your dreams come true.”

Rich followed as the keynote speaker in breaking down the word “girl.”

“G stands for go-getter,” Rich said. “I is for innovator. This world is different from mine growing up. Be bold and explore different things. Your parents might not like what I’m going to say. R is risk-taker, sometimes it’s great to take risks. L is leader. That’s why you are here.”

And with this, she turned her attention to the mayor as an example in adding, “She is Bristol’s first woman mayor.”

Troops 66026, 60582 and 66041 bridged from Daisy to Brownie and these girls were Abby Lowe, Jazlyn Pressley, Lillian Siegel, Emily DaCosta, Adelia Spencer, Mikayla Davis, Faith Seddon, Evelyn Woodend, Samantha Spak, Anayah Bentley, Autumn Wing, Hailey Christopher, Sophia Gabbert, Sedona Bonvisuto, Madison Hughes, Zoe Farias, Dahlia Gables, Mackenzie Sledziona and Emelia Kulasenski.

Troop 66015 bridged from Brownie to Junior and these were Kaylie Smith, Leila Plourde, Ava Chenowski, Alexetta Ford, Emma Mcdonald, Makayla Solowoski, Kalyssa Yetke, Olivia Hence and Marley Hansen.

Troops 66052 and 60317 both had girls bridge from Junior to Cadette. They were Ava Hernandez, Alyssa Mungar, Savahanna Biantic and Shannon Ayotte. Troop 60317 had a girl bridge from Cadette to Senior and one girl from Senior to Ambassador.

Riley Livingston, Savannah Biantic and Shannon Ayotte all received their Bronze Award. Lauren Ayotte received her Silver Award.

H.J. Bradley

Paul DiNoia and I both had the same thing in mind when we separately passed the old Bradley telephone pole property off Pleasant and Stafford avenues, because there has been land-clearing equipment there. I found out that it’s in the process of being cleared to be sold for whatever a new owner would wish to develop on it. The land was once property of the Bradley family that was one of three businesses in the state providing telephone poles to the cities and towns in Connecticut.

Paul came across an old story on the business, thus we thought we’d share some history-related information with readers.

The business was formed by H.J. Bradley in 1910 when he delivered these poles by horse and wagon to areas needing a telephone pole. There were three such telephone pole-providing companies in the state at one time.

Originally, chestnut was the wood used after it had been cut down locally. In later years, l Southern pine became the wood to use and Bradley and the other pole companies ordered them from down south when they’d be delivered by train. I can remember when Fran and Tom Murphy lived next door to the Bradley business and seeing his stockpile first hand. That was back in the 1960s.

The Bradley company then delivered their poles to the exact spot where they would be placed. Interesting to note, the poles were and are still numbered. This takes place so that when an old or broken one needs to be replaced, the number on it is recorded along with its location. I’m not sure how long telephone poles last on a normal basis, but it’s possible the one closest to your house may have come from out-of-state through the Bradley company.

Bristol Mum Festival Committee

A shout out to the 2019 Mum Fest Committee, which has been working diligently preparing for this year’s festival. I see members here, there and everywhere, especially on the old ball field at the former Memorial Boulevard School lately preparing for the activities to be held there.

Leatherman’s Cave

George Sobestanovich stopped by the office on Tuesday and one of the topics was that of the Old Leatherman’s Cave here. He said that he and some of the fellows who frequent the Bristol History Room at the Bristol Public Library want to visit the Leatherman’s Cave here at some time. I told him I could guide them to the location when they are ready, so if you are interested in joining us when we do please let me know. I’m going to leave it up to “the boys” to see when they want to do this.

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