Here she is! Kay-Lin Koh announced as 2019 Miss Mum

Published on Sunday, 15 September 2019 18:29
Written by Kayla Murphy


BRISTOL - Here she is, Miss Mum! On Friday evening, the Nutmeg Performing Arts Centre announced Kay-Lin Koh as the 2019 Miss Chrysanthemum winner at Chippens Hill Middle School. 

Once the crown was placed upon her head, Koh admitted she cried a little bit.

“This is my first pageant and I did cry because while I’m happy, Gabriyele Tucker is one of my best friends and I’m sad that she didn’t win,” said Koh.

Koh said she is most excited for her volunteering responsibilities as the 2019 Miss Mum.

“I hope we get to work with kids because I love children,” she said. “It would be awesome if we got to do a day at Imagine Nation and hang out with the kids and hopefully be good role models.”

Contestants for Miss Mum this year included Kay-Lin Koh and Gabriyele Tucker. The contestants were judged on stage appearance including casual and formal wear, interview responses and essay submissions. Audience members clapped and cheered as they supported each of the contestants grace, kindness and positivity during the pageant. 

During her on-stage interview, Koh said that her favorite teacher was her freshman history teacher. 

“I’m not very good at history. I struggle remembering facts, but my teacher made history so fun and entertaining. She would sing this weird birthday song whenever it was one of our birthday’s, she’s just awesome,” said Koh. 

Tucker, the essay winner, shared her opinions to the audience on how dance and the performing arts is a passion of hers and would love to see Bristol grow. 

“Bristol is changing for the good,” said Tucker. “I see Bristol changing and accepting the next generation. I would love to use my passion for dance and the arts to help Bristol. There’s a lot of talented people in Bristol and I think it would be cool to have a poetry slam or a talent show to get people included instead of excluded. The biggest change starts with showing acceptance.”

The title of Junior Miss Mum was won by Kathryn Voisine, followed by runner-up, Alison Aparo. 

For her on-stage interview, Voisine was asked why she likes Bristol.

“I love helping the community and making new friends,” she replied with a smile. “That’s my favorite part about Bristol.”

Petite Miss Mum was won by contestant Aibhlin Delage, followed by runner-up, Maddie Merrifield. Dakota Green won Mini Miss Mum, followed by runner-up, Azleigh Theriault. 

The Miss Mum Pageant was presented by Bristol All Heart and Nutmeg Performing Arts Center. 

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