BRISTOL BITS: Children grow up, follow in parents' footsteps

Published on Thursday, 7 February 2019 19:54

Bristol Bits

Wednesday morning

I attended the weekly Korean War Association meeting at the Bristol Community Center this week and it turned out to be a sort of social event for me. First of all, the meetings are a joy as well as productive. Jim Bousquet, retired Bristol Press production supervisor, is the head of the group and lead the meeting. Weekly regulars get a kick out of the humor of Dick Avery and Bob Barnett, as well as comments from the peanut gallery.

After the meeting was over, I chatted with some of folks in attendance, such Alice Testa (see the next segment), Bev Strong, Bob Barnett and John Werner. Also, there after the meeting was Wilbur Blakeslee, who I once worked with at the former Wolcott Tire. We worked for Brian and Rich Marino. Wilbur has lost weight and volunteers in the workout room at the senior center and I know that Brian follows this column from Florida and would enjoy the update on his former “ace” tire salesman.

St. Anthony’s 1956

In Monday’s column I mentioned the varsity cheerleaders from St. Anthony’s High School, asked if anyone knew where they were today and Alice Testa filled me in. Geri Giramondi, Pat Lambert Wakim, and Sheila McDonnah are deceased. One caller said that Sheila might have died in an accident near Stafford School. Lucy Mossa Bridges lives in Texas, and Connie Mattiola Yard and Dolores Cercone Nocera are in Bristol.

The remaining non-cheerleading class members will be listed in Monday’s column.

Carol Fitz

After reading Monday’s “Primetime” column, which headlined brief biographies of W.R. Thorpe and Elbert E. Thorpe, Susan Fitz took out her old records to look up family members, because she is a granddaughter to W.R. Her husband, Dick, was at the Korean War Veterans meeting and said his wife was excited to see her ancestors names and stories in the newspaper. Seems Dick did well in marrying into good stock.

Speaking of good stock, Dick’s mother, Helen, who died here in 1999, lived to be 106 years old. In checking the family out, there are a number of well-known family members between Dick and Carol and I will expand on this sometime down the road.


Here’s a segment from a “Bristol Bits” column dated Oct. 5, 1998, which mentioned activity during the on-going Mum Festival at the time. I got a kick out of it after I found it, because of what Patrick is doing today.

“At Minor’s Farm on Hill Street, I ran into Patrick Kilby, grandson of “Putter” and Anne Kilby, well-known Bristol residents. “Pat,” as he referred to himself, was working near the entrance to Minor’s Farm as a member of the Bristol Police Explorers. A 15-year-old Bristol Eastern sophomore, he’s been with the organization for two and a half years.”

Today, as many know, Patrick is an adult and involved with the American Legion, including serving as commander of the Sons of the American Legion at Post 2. Patrick was brought up well.

IRS forms

One of the mysteries this year is how to get ahold of forms to complete a 2018 income tax return. This information is for those who do not use computers. Can anyone answer this question for me so I can share it?

Another good Savino

I remember Elise Savino in recent years when she was an athlete at Bristol Central. She is now a junior at CCSU and continues to make her family proud. The granddaughter of the late Tony Savino, she is now a member of the team at Veterans Strong in Bristol. In introducing herself, she wrote the following as her first of two paragraphs for the Veterans Strong newsletter this month:

“My name is Elise Savino, and I am ecstatic to be joining Donna at the Veterans Strong Community Center in Bristol! As a lifelong citizen of Bristol, and a member of a military family, I look forward to serving the veteran community. My grandfather, CSM Anthony V. Savino Sr., my father, CSM Anthony V. Savino, and my sister, SPC Olivia A. Savino, all served/serve our country proudly, and while I am not enlisted myself, I am anxious to use the knowledge they’ve surrounded me with to help others.”

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