BRISTOL BITS: The last Manross lived 102 outstanding years

Published on Thursday, 10 January 2019 20:22
Written by Bob Montgomery

Bristol Bits

Readers may have seen the recent obituary for Ruth Manross Pond, who died in Alabama the day before Christmas last month. She reached the age of 102 years and seemed to have had an outstanding life, one filled with travel, the theater, sports and walking for exercise, and, of course, reading.

The F. N. Manross Library was named after her grandfather Frederick N. Manross some 60 years or so ago. As I recall, the library building before the present one was a house once belonging to the Manross family and thus the naming of the facility. I hope to find out more about this lady sometime down the road, because I will be contacting a family member.

Note: The Manross family was the very first to settle in what now is Forestville and the F.N. Manross Library there is a mainstay for “The Village” with books, children and adult programs, and a variety of so many other “goodies,” too.

Sonya Petroff and “Danny Boy”

I received a call from Gary Potter on Wednesday telling me a story which included Sonya Petroff, who died here on January 4. It surrounds the Bristol Elks Club and Saturday nights at the downstairs entertainment lounge.

Seems that Sonya and Lenny Mullins from the Bristol Store would come to the gatherings and at the end of the night it wasn’t unusual for Lenny to sing “Danny Boy.” During these evenings, Gary would sometimes sit near Sonya and Lenny and enjoy chatting with them.

“She was a very nice lady,” Gary told me.

Our weather 365 days ago

Last year at this time, we enjoyed area temperatures which hit about 49 degrees as a high and that was around 2 p.m. The wind was eight miles an hour and it went from sunny/cloudy to overcast with a visibility of eight miles.

Rick Reimer

Rick Reimer, the No. 1 subject in Wednesday’s column, sent me an email to clarify what he had written to me previously. He writes:

“The race was for all six days and nights. I did 222 miles. Small correction, I didn’t place 39th. I did 100 miles or more for the 39th time in my running career. As for running, well, I only walk five or more miles per day for maintenance. Walking is good for me! I hope you find enough enjoyment in it to continue it daily.”

(Note to Rick: I had knee surgery probably 20 years ago and had to stop running, but I walk and it’s a good feeling to still be able to do something good like that. P.S. to readers: Rick broke my Bristol Eastern high jump record after I graduated in the 1960s.)

1944 Tramps

As many know, the Bristol Tramps Committee annually honors those who have made contributions to local sports. The committee was formed in the early 1970’s with Julie Larese as chairman. In earlier years, Larese sponsored both softball and basketball teams. Here’s a 1944 Bristol Press brief notifying softball players to show up at his gas station on Riverside Avenue to gather for a ride to the game:

“Tramps Play Meriden - Larese Tramps play Meriden Endees tonight. All members of the Larese Tydol Tramps are requested to be present at the Larese Station tonight not later than 5:30 when the team will leave for Meriden for a tussle with the Endees softball team.”

SAHS ’58

The roster of the St. Anthony High School varsity basketball team for the 1957-1958 winter season reads like a who’s who of Bristol. The “boys” comprising that team were Don Slenka, Ed Berlinski, Gerard Couture, Robert Fiondella, Mike Boguslawski, Leonard Valentino, Bill Roccanello, Steve Borrell, Steve Martino, Morrie Laviero and captain Dan Laviero.

Shout out

To Beverly Bobroske who gets the Bristol Press and has her son, Tim, read it to her.

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