BRISTOL BITS: Couple puts a dent in their bucket list

Published on Thursday, 6 December 2018 19:48

Bristol Bits

Sandy and John Leone, a former mayor and head of the Chamber of Commerce here and more recently chairman of the board at Bristol Hospital, among other things, put a nice dent in their “Bucket List” by traveling to California and getting on “The Price is Right” television show.

“It was a lot of fun, we got to meet (host) Drew (Carey) and all the show staff, and although we didn’t get on the stage as a contestant, we sat right in front of the stage next to George (Gray) the show announcer.”

John added that this particular show will air on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. The shirt he and Sandy wore on it were produced by Jeff Morgan from Exper-Tees in Forestville.

Esmonde J. Phelan 1937-2018

Es., as he was called, left his mark in Bristol as a longtime City Hall tax collector, former chairman of the Democratic Party and as an avid Boston Red Sox fan. In fact, I’m not sure anyone from Bristol traveled to Fenway Field as often as he did for so many years. He was well-known here and by so many people.

His sister, Dot, was a familiar name in Bristol before she died in recent years. Both, actually, left a mark here. I knew Es., not as closely as many others, but saw him as a man who did his own thing. He was a good man, fine volunteer and close friend of Carol Yacawych, a respected, retired City Hall supervisor herself. Condolences, too, to his son, John, a resident of Florida.

Peter Kovalski

A faithful reader, Peter Kovalski, stopped by the office on Tuesday to meet and introduce himself to me. He has responded to some of my column items by phone, but told me when he did he never left his name. There are some folks who like to comment on a subject from time-to-time, but would rather not leave their name...I understand and that’s fine.

After fessing up about this, Peter told me he graduated from St. Anthony’s High in 1960, and thanks to Winifred Maher, I had a copy of that yearbook handy and finally got to his picture after trying to pick it out. Wasn’t easy, because that was 60 years ago. Anyway, Peter and I enjoyed a nice conversation and he plans to stop by another time in the future to continue our conversation. It was nice having met you, Peter.

Stop and Shop unwrapped toys

Janet McKinstry, a special lady I’ve gotten to know, called me to inform me that Stop and Shop at Bristol Plaza is collecting unwrapped toys for children ages 2-15 and this is taking place between today and Dec. 16th.

“We’re trying to put a smile on the children’s faces,” Janet said.

So, if you want to feel good about yourself - THERE IS NO BETTER WAY THAN GIVING - consider placing an unwrapped toy in the box located by the courtesy desk at the supermarket.

Rewind 2017 and Irene Slovinski 101

Irene Slovinski celebrated birthday No. 100 last year at this time with family members at a birthday party on December 9, 2017. She was 24 years old when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.

Remember Pearl Harbor - Here’s one reason

Ed Klepps, Terryville’s last surviving Pearl Harbor survivor when he died on Jan. 8. 2013, at age 98, had previously shared his experiences of being at Pearl Harbor on this date in 1941:

A sailor on the U.S.S. Helena, which was stationed at the Pearl Harbor Navy Base, was taking a shower when a torpedo hit the forward engine of the ship and the fire it caused went right by where he was. However, the water he was soaked in from the shower saved his life.

Just after this, he saw men badly burned and had to step over some of his dead shipmates. One of his friends was washing his clothes at the time, got burned, and died a couple of hours later. He also recalled other friends on-board who were burned, those that had to lie on bare hospital beds to keep their skins from sticking to sheets which would otherwise have been beneath them.

I try to recall such stories whenever I think I’m having a bad day.

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