The votes are in... but Bristol is still counting them

Published on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 21:16
Written by Susan Corica and James Drzewiecki

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BRISTOL – The Bristol Town Clerks office still doesn’t have the official numbers from the election, and they’re unsure when those numbers will be available.

Town and City Clerk Therese Pac said that it’s a lot of votes, which are coming from different sources.

As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, the Registrars of Voters were still counting votes. Once they are done counting, everything will move to the Town Clerks office. There Pac will go over the results and sign off on them.

According to the registrars website the turnout was 59.30 percent, which is 20,781 voters out of a possible 35,044.

Pac said that percentage is above average for midterm election. She has seen it go as high as mid 50s before.

Even though the official numbers aren’t yet available, the unofficial numbers are.

() Republican incumbent Henri Martin has retained his seat in the 31st Senate District.

Unofficial results show him at 10,814 votes to challenger Chris Wright’s 9,157, for 54 percent of the total.

Martin, owner of Henri Martin Real Estate and Broad Street Self Storage, will start his third term as a state senator. A two-term Bristol city councilman, he graduated from St. Anselm College, in New Hampshire, and attended classes at the University of Hartford.

“The state’s fiscal instability has resulted in year-after-year budget deficits, high taxes, and the loss of business and people,” Martin has said. “We must identify duplicative services, consolidate agencies and legislative committees, and seek justification for programs. We must shrink the size and cost of government.”

() Republican Whit Betts won his fifth term as State Legislature against Democratic challenger, Allen Marko.

Betts won 2,820 votes to Marko’s 1,529 votes in the Bristol unofficial results (these results do not include Plainville). Betts will continue to serve the 78th House District, which covers the western part of Bristol and all of Plymouth.

() Democratic incumbent Chris Ziogas has retained his seat as state representative for the 79th District.

Unofficial results show him with 3,665 votes to Republican David Rackliffe’s 3,155, of 54 percent of the total.

Ziogas, a former two-term City Council member, was first elected to represent the district in 2016.

() Republican Cara Pavalock-D’Amato has won another term representing the 77th House District.

Unofficial results show her with 4,649 votes to Democrat Kevin Fuller’s 4,129, for 53 percent of the total.

Pavalock-D’Amato was first elected to the General Assembly in 2014. She is a partner at The Law Offices of William J. Forbes in New Britain where she practices family, tax, bankruptcy and foreclosure law.

She has said one of her main goals in her next term will be welfare reform.

“This is the topic that people most frequently contact me about,” she has said. “They call me to inform me about the overwhelming amount of abuse they see daily. Sadly, I also get the calls from people whose funds are cut. For example, this past year many needy people had their food assistance cut to $16 a month, which is unacceptable.”

Unofficial vote totals:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor:

Stefanowski-Markley (R) 10,857.

Lamont-Bysiewicz (D) 8,361

Griebel-Frank(Petitioning) 302

Secretary of the State:

Susan Chapman (R) 9,511

Denise Merrill (D) 9,939


Thad Gray (R) 9,537

Shawn Wooden (D) 9,826


Kurt Miller (R) 9,585

Kevin Lembo (D) 9,721

Attorney General:

Susan Hatfield (R) 10,802

William Tong (D) 8,805

U.S. Senate:

Matt Corey (R) 10,191

Chris Murphy (D) 10,576

State Senate 31st District:

Henri Martin (R) 10,814

Chris Wright (D) 9,157

State Representative 77th District:

Cara Pavalock-D’Amato (R) 4,649

Kevin Fuller (D) 4,129

State Representative 78th District:

Whit Betts (R) 2,820

Allen Marko (D) 1,529

State Representative 79th District:

David Rackliffe (R) 3,155

Christ Ziogas (D) 3,665

Registrar of Voters:

Sharon Krawiecki (R) 9,647

Kevin McCauley (D) 9,632

U.S. Congress 1st District:

Jennifer Nye (R) 8,882

John Larson (D) 10,661

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