BRISTOL BITS: Phil Lewis missed; Josephsons are in Texas

Published on Wednesday, 7 November 2018 20:57
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The photo here with today’s column has been seen in this newspaper before. Can anyone tell me about the building shown in it?

Peter Dekoe

I received an email from Peter Dekoe and in it he talks about Phil Lewis, a high school classmate of his from Bristol Eastern in 1962. Phil died recently in North Carolina:

“I just wanted to comment that when you became Phil Lewis’ friend, you had a friend for life. Phil, as everyone knows, was a superb athlete in baseball, basketball and football. I, on the other hand, had two left feet (my wife says I still do). We were friends then.

“We reconnected when he was a salesman with Chic Miller Chevrolet in Bristol. I’d go there to have my car serviced. While waiting I would visit Phil and we would reminisce. He talked about his friendship with Bobby Bonds.

Classmate Margie Kingham Tessman (we are friends through FaceBook) has chaired the last several reunions. I’ve never been to any of my reunions - mainly because of my non athleticism - I was what people would call a geek in high school. Most people could care less. Marge has said the class of ‘62 is going to have a reunion when we reach age 75, which is next year. I plan on attending. And I wanted so much for Phil Lewis to attend.”

Beryl and Carl Josephson

In my previous column, I asked readers if anyone knew what became of Beryl and Carl Josephson, the parents of Karen and Sarah, the 1992 Olympic gold-medal winning duet synchronized swimmers. Beryl was a teacher in town and was once involved in city government.

Well, Sandra Sims saw the segment on the couple and emailed me to inform me that they are residing in Canyon Lake, Texas, where they are always busy volunteering. Bristol’s loss is Canyon Lake’s gain.

Joe Duncan - BCHS ‘64

Does anyone have contact info on Joe? I have someone who found a high school class ring that may belong to him.


Beverly Foote celebrates one today. I hope her husband, Jim, buys her something nice, such as a new car, boat or perhaps a vacation home on the water.

Norman Bechstedt

Some years ago, Norman Bechstedt, a Bristol resident who retired to Florida and died at age 91 in 2011, wrote some of his memories of different subjects from years past. Here’s one that’s interesting. Imagine this:

“Today’s meats are in neat packages at the supermarkets. Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, you had to take a living animal and make it edible. I’ve only taken part in chicken preparation. My dad and grandfather would take it to the chopping block and it would flop around ‘like a chicken with its head cut off.’

“Then hot water was required to remove the feathers - quite an odor! My sister went to her room during this process. I helped pluck feathers, but my dad did all the cutting to remove internal organs.”

Adam Gaski

Adam, who died at age 88 on Oct. 31, 2018, was a good man. I’ve had a chance to talk on different occasions through the years and found him to be a great family man and individual. The Adam Gaski family made a name for itself and continues to do so with its next generation.

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