BRISTOL BITS: Former Bristol firefighter facing serious health concerns

Published on Thursday, 11 October 2018 20:58

This is a shout out to Terry Burke, 1962 All-State basketball player for Bristol Eastern. I was a junior his senior year and he was one of my heroes. Very good athlete and quite the popular fellow, likely the most popular in school that year. Terry has been residing in Upstate New York for years. Have a great day, Terry!

Bill Sutter

Former Bristol firefighter Bill Sutter and his wife, the former Rose Palazzo, could use some help. Bill had an aneurysm and during recovery was found to have throat cancer. After dealing with this and the damage to his throat from radiation, he has now been diagnosed with a second cancer in his bladder.

“The costs to Bill and his wife have been extreme and they have run out of money,” Geri Peatman, a friend, told me.

Geri added that Bill has lost a lot of weight and is in tough shape. He has a “gofundme” account that his sister, Melody Sutter Fisher, oversees. Rose has her hands full taking care of Bill who can no longer do the things he used to do, so his sister spends a couple of nights a week to give Rose the badly needed rest that will help keep her afloat physically.

The goal of the gofundme page is $10,000 and there’s just $390 in the account as I write here on Thursday. Even when I was out with a medical problem, I was always OK with things, because there are so many people so much worse off. Thank you to Geri Peatman who advised me of the Sutters’ situation. Checks can also be mailed to Geri Peatman at 165 Ben St., Bristol, CT 06010.

Carolyn Thiery

I visited high school classmate Carolyn Thiery, a retired and noted legal secretary, who shared some family photos with me. Carolyn resides on Moody Street, in the area once owned by her grandfather. According to Bob Adamczyk’s “Streetscape” booklet, the origins of the naming of Bristol’s streets and roadways, Moody Street is named after Jerome Moody.

Rathbun Road

Having grown up on Brookside Drive, two-thirds of a horseshoe road which met with Rathbun Road off Brook Street, I had always wondered where the name of that road came from.

Bob Adamczyk’s booklet says that it was named after a family that once lived on nearby Brook Street named Rathburn. Apparently, the seventh letter in Rathburn was dropped to create the road’s name.

Nancy M. Coan

Nancy, a faithful reader of The Bristol Press, has returned to Bristol, where she grew up. Actually, she’s living in Terryville and that’s close enough. She returns from the “Sunshine State” and, hopefully, will adjust to our winters once again. Her sister, Sue, and husband, Ed Lilley, are members of my high school class at Bristol Eastern. Nancy will be looking for work and has an impressive resume with regards to high level administration work.

Heads-up on Tom Monahan

Tom, a Bristol High multi-sports athlete and retired Channel 30 political reporter, will celebrate a birthday this coming Wednesday.

Happy 50th to Linda and Phil

Linda and Phil Mannarino were married 50 years ago today. So, congratulations. These two have done some great things during the last 50 years, including bettering the lives of so many others while working and raising a family.

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