Bristol man charged with narcotics offenses after accepting plea deal in firearms case; offer tabled

Published on Friday, 11 May 2018 16:10


BRISTOL - A Bristol man who pleaded guilty to illegally being in possession of a number of guns, accepting a deal in January that would send him to prison for two years, may be looking at more time after being charged with selling narcotics.

Michael Bilodeau, 53, appeared Friday in Bristol Superior Court, where Jeffrey Lee, state prosecutor, said he violated the terms of the plea deal by refusing to go forward with his sentencing as planned during the hearing. Lee said the deal that was accepted will no longer be honored, and that the new prison term offer will be five years.

His attorney, Jason Sucoll, asked that he be granted one more continuance to give Bilodeau’s family more time to save money to retain him on the drug cases, as he only originally agreed to represent him on the firearms matter. After pleading guilty in January to one count of criminal possession of a firearm, Bilodeau was charged a month later with three counts each of sale of narcotics and distribution of a controlled substance within 1,500 feet of a school. The new charges complicated the plea agreement that had been reached.

Lee on Friday wanted Bilodeau to go forward with his sentencing, which would have included eight years in prison, suspended after service of two, and resolve the drug cases at a later date. Sucoll said he and his client were not prepared for sentencing with the other matters still lingering.

“The record will reflect it is a violation of a plea agreement,” Lee said. “I am not, I am not going to abide by the eight after two.”

According to state prosecutors, a statewide narcotics taskforce acquired a warrant to search Bilodeau’s home for guns after receiving a tip from an informant. During the search, on June 28, officers found a number of firearms in the home, including a shotgun and multiple pellet guns, Lee said at a previous hearing.

Because of a 2006 conviction for second-degree burglary, a felony, Bilodeau has been disqualified from having firearms, according to Lee.

In February, Bilodeau was charged with a number of narcotics charges following an investigation by local police. The warrants in those arrests have been ordered sealed.

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