Bristol Bits: Best wishes to Joe Mone in retirement

Published on Sunday, 15 April 2018 20:36
Written by Bob Montgomery

Staff Writer

Joe Mone, superintendent of streets for the City of Bristol, retired as of Friday after many years with the municipality. I recall talking to Joe about this a couple of years ago, and boy, did the time fly. Joe, who is the coach of the successful St. Paul girls basketball program, is a great guy and I’m proud to know and work with him with regards to his players. Best wishes to Joe.

Shout out

To Marlene and Ron Carson. I first met Ron through the Boy Scouts at Prospect United Methodist Church back in the day, and Marlene was a classmate of mine at Stafford School before joining up again at Bristol Eastern. I saw Ron at Edgewood Little League on Friday, thus the reminder of this fine couple.

Dave Greenleaf

I’m watching the tube one night last week and all of a sudden who appears on it but longtime “Mr. Everything” Dave Greenleaf. Dave does so many things and has longevity in all of them, but that’s another story.

This was WGBY World and I caught it briefly while surfing the channels. It was a program on the ski areas here in the state and in Massachusetts, and Dave was representing Otis Ridge. Dave has been on skis all his life - his late father, Al Greenleaf, was one of the founders of the old Bristol Ski Club located off Nelson’s Field. Dave represented the ski lodge well as he does with all his ventures, among them the Bristol Tramps, Bristol Central, Bristol Sports Hall of Fame and the C.I.A.C. There are many, many more.

Paul Kowalczyk

As readers know, my headline segment in Friday’s column featured a photo of Forestville-turned-Florida resident Paul Kowalczyk, another one of the good guys. I mentioned that he and his wife, Susan, moved there after his retirement.

Following this, I received an email from Jack Dickau and a phone call from my ex-wife, Dale Giramondi, telling me that Susan had died previously on Monday, which is last Monday. I didn’t know that. I was told that Paul Facebooked his friends to say that he lost the love of his life. My sincere condolences to Paul.

I was reminded, too, that Paul and his wife once took in her late father, John McCusker, at one point in adding on a room in their home. Paul was a solid son-in-law, too.

Dino Road

I also wrote about Dino Road last week and the origin of its naming, which I’m now told was incorrect. Bob Fitzsimons emailed me and said the road was named after Dino Baraglia, the son of Bob’s uncle, Egidio “Joe” Baraglia, not Joe himself.

Rudy Hudak also wrote in: “It was named for the son he adopted from Italy named Dino. Egidio and Josephine Baraglia (my uncle and aunt) lived at 26 Lucien Road which was named after Lucien Zamier who originally owned Paul Roy’s house at 10 Lucien Road. Egidio Baraglia built a lot of the homes on Dino and Lucien roads, plus other places in Forestville and Bristol. Also, Josephine Terrace was named for Josephine Baraglia.

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