BRISTOL BITS: Who is this man? Play along

Published on Tuesday, 13 March 2018 18:35
Written by Bob Montgomery

I took this picture from a yearbook photo from decades past. Can you guess who this young man is? Take a minute before you get or verify his name at the end of this column. And by the way, he has no idea this is coming today.

Four fireman

I received an email from Alice and Tom Daley and I’m proud to share it with readers:

“I am writing to you about an ad that came in the mail. The ad basically stated that if anyone had a home that was at least 50 years old, the owner was eligible for installment of new smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. They asked that you call and make an appointment, which we did.

“They have since come and gone and our reason for writing is to let the Bristol Fire Department know how very impressed we were with the punctual four young fireman that came to do the installation. We were so totally pleased with their demeanor, found them to be very polite, very efficient, and very knowledgeable. They did an excellent job and we can’t say enough about the ‘fab four.’

“We are so proud to have them, as well as the other firemen that serve and protect our town of Bristol.”

Wyndwood Drive

According to Bob Adamczyk’s “Streetscape” booklet, the origin of the naming of Bristol’s streets, Wynd means court, alley, close or lane, literally a wooden lane. With this, I recall when my friend George Tolve moved to Wyndwood Drive and I believe there may not have been an exit at the top or perhaps a dirt road. I may be wrong, but… since, the area has grown and there are streets all over the area.

I recall when Ruthie Constantine and her family lived next door and just below the Tolve house. She had an indoor pool and George and I were allowed to take a swim in it. Former mayor Walter Murphy lived up there, too, and I thought that was cool as a kid.

Norm Beland

The passing of Rex Hamilton brings to mind his partner in crime at the Boys Club, the late Norm Beland. Some folks think he never got enough ink for what he did for so many years at the club. I’ve heard some stories about Norm the past couple of days and, boy, did he have a sense of humor. Most of all, though, he loved his job and working with the youngsters at the club.

A 1995 story on Rex and Norm was published in the Bristol Press and in it, Norm shared with readers his caring ways for the club members, as well as his humor. Here’s are some of his quotes from the story:

The first is about his days as a youngster at the club when he was thrown out for a year by then director Spike Norton - “There was no one worse than me and was pulled back in line” by Graham afterwards; The story stated that he had a record 43 years of employment with the club and joked as to why. “I couldn’t find another job.”

On the serious side, he also said that, “Dealing with the kids is our most important job.”

Trivia night

I met with attorney/city counselor Dave Preleski and when done with our task, he told me about a trivia night at Nuchie’s on Apr. 6, 2018. It’s a first time event with proceeds going to a good cause. There will be different teams challenging one another and the winning one brings home the trophy and holds it for a year. More to come on this.


Do you think this is the last at least six inch snowstorm of this half of the year in Bristol? Let me know if you want to share a comment with readers. I say we have one more coming.

Today’s feature photo

This was taken from the Bristol Eastern yearbook of 1969 and it’s Jim Cenci, retired Post Office employee who spend a lot of time at the Forestville office.

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