Cold snap helps Ice Fishing Derby return

Published on Sunday, 4 February 2018 22:51


PLYMOUTH - The Terryville Fish & Game Club’s Ice Fishing Derby returned after two years Saturday, with several groups of fisherman reeling in big catches and enjoying a morning of camaraderie.

The derby, held on Middle Pond, drew about two dozen fishermen and their friends and families. Drills bored through the ice and fisherman gathered around in winter coats, many of them grilling hot dogs and burgers, while they waited for flags to rise - indicating that fish had started to bite. The pond was stocked with bass, pickerel and trout.

Kevin Rescildo and his daughter, Mayla, along with Nicholas Kaminski were among those out on the ice. Although they hadn’t caught anything yet by 10 a.m., they were glad to see the event return.

“It’s been around three years since we’ve been out here - I guess there wasn’t any ice the past couple years,” said Kevin Rescildo. “We’ve been getting skunked so far today, but I love ice fishing - it’s like tailgating and catching fish. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.”

Another group, composed of David Devoe, David Dyer, Marc Hallin, Eric LeBlond and David McGraw, was having a little more luck. They had caught about a half-dozen 12 to 13 inch pickerel and perch around 10 a.m.

“I’ve been going out every year they’ve had it,” said Hallin.

“This is my first time here,” said LeBlond.

Devoe said he likes to fish regularly, around Mount Tom.

Charles Formhalls and Gleenn Cote had returned to the derby after coming for many past years.

“We didn’t catch (expletive) today,” said Formhalls. “But it’s a fun time anyway.”

“I caught a couple bluegills but we throw them back,” said Cote.

Steve Boisvert and Steve Manzone were proud to have caught a 3.5 pound, 24 inch pickerel. They said that their bait came from Wolcott Bait & Tackle.

“This one’s on the bigger side, but I caught one that was 27 inches in Scoville,” said Manzone.

“This is our first time here, but we try to get out and fish a lot,” said Boisvert.

Another pair of fishermen, Andrew Wright and James Borrelli, said they got their bait from the same place.

“This is our first time coming out here, we read about it in the paper and we’ve been out here since 8 a.m.,” said Wright. “We usually go out to fish every weekend at Mount Tom and other places.”

“We’re thinking of joining the Fish & Game Club,” said Borrelli, who noted that they also go salmon fishing in upstate New York.

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