Frigid temperatures expected for New Year's Eve

Published on Saturday, 30 December 2017 20:22
Written by Angie DeRosa


People waking up Saturday saw light snow that fell throughout much of the day to close out the year.

The cold weather continues today for New Year’s Eve.

Meteorologist Mike Cameron of WFSB-TV3 said highs will only be in the teens and the wind chill will be sub-zero throughout the day with wind gusts as high as 40 mph.

For those planning to be outdoors, don’t let the sunshine fool you. By nighttime, temperatures again will fall back into the single digits and the wind chill will range from minus 5 to minus 25 degrees, so be sure to be dressed appropriately for wherever your New Year’s plans take you.

Although Saturday’s snow was light, with the low temperatures roads were still slick and drivers were advised by Connecticut State Police to reduce their speeds.

Accumulation for central Connecticut varied from a coating to 3 inches of snow.

Trooper Kelly Grant, spokesperson for the state police, said because the snow was not part of a major storm they were not tracking how many accidents had occurred statewide.

State police and the Department of Transportation took to Twitter to report multiple car crashes across the state, with few to no serious injuries. There was also a car accident on Route 84 in Plainville by exit 34 eastbound.

As of Saturday afternoon, Bristol police said they were not aware of any snow-related accidents in the area.

WFSB TV 3 reported that the Department of Transportation was unable to have trucks pre-treat roads because the salt brine would have frozen immediately after being applied, which would have led to icing conditions.

Temperatures in the past week have fallen to the low teens and single digits, leaving a cold weather protocol in effect by Gov. Dannel Malloy until Tuesday.

During the day temperatures in New Britain stayed just below 20 degrees. By nightfall the clouds cleared out, while the temperature dropped to around 8 degrees.

While many may have chosen to stay bundled up indoors, plenty of people were out and about.

At Walnut Hill Park dozens of children were having snowball fights or sledding with their families.

Carman Rodriguez brought her family, who came from Puerto Rico, to the park to experience snow for the first time. Mirya Arroyo and her two children, Felix and Abdielo, took turns sledding, smiling and laughing the whole time.

“They love it, they’re having a ball,” said Rodriguez.

As soon as Kiante Macon saw the snow falling, he knew how he was going to spend the day with his 2-year-old daughter, Ava.

“I planned on sledding because of the joy it brings,” he said.

Macon said he remembers how much fun sledding was for him as a kid, and wanted to share that experience with his daughter.

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