School community continues to support fifth-grader fighting cancer

Published on Friday, 1 December 2017 22:30


BRISTOL - The South Side Elementary School community has come up with a new way to show support for the student known as Captain Connor.

Connor Albert is a fifth-grader who was diagnosed with a tumor on his femur over a year and a half ago. He has been getting treatment ever since and has had to be tutored at home for some of that time.

His nickname comes from his love of Captain America.

Connor was able to start fifth grade this year after having missed half of third grade and all of fourth. However, after a few months, he had to be hospitalized again hospital and remains there, said Patricia Zadrozny, the school’s library media assistant, who also is an adviser to the school’s Community Club.

One way the school supports him in his battle against osteosarcoma is by posting messages on the chain link fence along Wolcott Street.

Zadrozny has been using the fence for positive messages for students, staff, and the public, sticking colored plastic cups in the links.

“The SSS community wants to help as much as they can. On the morning of Thanksgiving, we updated the fence to read ‘Prayers for Connor,’ ” she said.

The Community Club is also selling paper cutouts of hands for 25 cents each, she said.

“Our school theme is ‘Together We Can.’ The students write their names and/or a message for Connor on them.”

The notice of the fundraiser went home with students on a recent Monday and by that Wednesday the club had sold over 2,000 hands.

They are displayed all over the school foyer, with updates being sent to Connor “to show him how much support he has from all of us,” Zadrozny said.

Last spring, the Community Club held a “Warrior Walk” at the school to support Connor and other cancer survivors, who walked around a walkway of decorated luminary bags while volunteers sold pizza slices, popcorn, lemonade, ice cream and blue wristbands with the words “Cheers for Captain Connor.”

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