Zoppo-Sassu wins in Bristol; Dems take council

Published on Tuesday, 7 November 2017 23:17
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - Ellen Zoppo-Sassu was elected as the city’s first female mayor, and Democrats took a majority of seats on the City Council Tuesday night.

The contentious mayoral race between Zoppo-Sassu and Republican incumbent Ken Cockayne ended Tuesday night with the 6,413 votes in favor of Zoppo-Sassu and 5,030 for Cockayne, according to the unofficial count by the registrars.

Also, Democrats took control of the City Council by a 5-1 margin Tuesday night.

“We are so excited about the results and can’t wait to get to work next week,” Zoppo-Sassu said. “This has been a long and hard campaign over six months and we tried very hard to stick to the issues of what is important and where this community is headed.

“I’m so thankful for all of the great people who have come out to support us, especially the ones who made a statement by coming to headquarters and telling us that it was important that their voices were heard. We had so many new faces of all ages and across all socioeconomic and demographic categories. To the voters who did not support us, I welcome their input and conversation as well because we all have one goal and that is to improve our community.”

Republican candidates were at Nuchie’s restaurant to hear the results where Cockayne told supporters, “It’s been a pleasure serving as your mayor.”

“The good thing that my opponent has to look forward to is how well I have set her up for the next term,” he said. “Thank you everyone, it’s been a great run. I set up my opponent for the next two years. She can sit back and enjoy the ride because we did all the hard work,” Cockayne added.

In the council races, Democrats Josh Medeiros and Greg Hahn were elected in District 1.

Elected to represent District 2 were Democrats David Preleski and Peter Kelley, and elected to represent District 3 were Republican David Mills and Democrat Mary Fortier.

Additionally, Thomas Barnes was also elected to serve as city treasurer.

As of Monday, there were 34,280 eligible voters in Bristol: 12,740 Democrats, 6,911 Republicans, 14,024 unaffiliated and 605 registered with the Green and Working Families Parties, according to the city registrar of voters.

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