BRISTOL BITS: City farmer's market moves locations

Published on Tuesday, 10 October 2017 20:50
Written by Bob Montgomery

For those not aware, the Bristol Farmer’s Market is no longer at the old mall site downtown, because of construction for a new road there. The market will be open until the end of the month directly off Memorial Boulevard in the parking lot of the former Memorial Boulevard School. The hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


This license plate was in Monday’s column and with this, Ginny DeLuzio confessed in an email to tell me that it belongs to her. She writes:

“That was my license plate at Bristol Public Library last week. I was working at the Friends of the Library book store. My name is Virginia. I had always been called Ginny, but my husband wanted a special name for me so he called me Ginia. Dropping the first three letters of my name.

We also have Plates VRLD and VRLD1 which he got when we were engaged and that’s for Virginia and Robert L. DeLuzio and we’ve had those two plates for over 40 years.”

Rewind 2007 (10 years ago)

Shoppers flocked to the downtown mall for the last time this week to grab bargains before Ocean State Job Lot closed the store and turned the property over to the city. The city bought the mall in March 2005 and plans to tear it down and make way for some kind of a private development. Ocean State Job Lot still has a store in Bristol, on Route 6 in the former Stop & Shop storefront in the Bristol Plaza shopping center.


Art Ward told me that he played in a foursome with Dave Brunsell, John Allen and Marty Hurwitz recently at the Bristol American Legion Pequabuck Golf Club and added: “I had to carry them. When I got home I had to put Bengay on my shoulders. It was a heavy load.”

The Bristol Water Department Board

Robert Badal, chairman; James Brown, vice chairman; Elizabeth Phelan, secretary; Jon FitzGerald; Ron Suarez; and Calvin Brown, liaison to city council.

Shout out

To Diane Parker. Diane, who has been a mainstay at the Eastern Regional Little League for years, and I first met when we both worked at the Aetna way back when. Diane, hope you have a great day!

Looking for Rex Hamilton

Rex, can you give me a call or leave your phone number at 860-973-1808? Thanks.


I saw this license plate on a dark colored SUV on Tuesday. Does anyone know who “Toots” is?

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