Bristol man allegedly tried breaking into home while 3 residents were asleep inside

Published on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 20:37


BRISTOL - A Bristol man was arrested late Monday for allegedly trying to break into a home while three residents were inside sleeping.

Vincent Thornton, 35, of 59 Burlington Ave., is facing charges of attempted second-degree burglary, interfering with police and second-degree breach of peace.

Shortly before 11 p.m. Monday, police received a call reporting an attempted break-in at a home on Farmington Avenue. The description the caller gave of the suspect matched that of multiple calls earlier in the night reporting an intoxicated man stumbling in and out of the roadway somewhere in the city. Police, during the earlier reports, were not able to locate him.

After arriving at the home on Farmington Avenue, police encountered Thornton, who was crawling on the lawn, according to the police report. He refused to obey an officer’s orders and, instead, charged at the policeman before he was hit with pepper spray, the report continued.

When officers spoke to the residents of the home, two of them, a husband and wife, said they were sleeping when they woke up to a loud bang. The husband then looked out the window and did not see anyone.

Shortly thereafter, the couple heard the husband’s daughter yell “someone is trying to break in.” The husband ran to the back door and saw that Thornton had opened the storm door and was trying to break through the inner door with a mop, according to the report. The husband also noticed that his daughter’s walker had been moved, making it appear as though Thornton had also used that to try to break in.

While at the door, according to the report, Thornton yelled things like “let me in,” “I’m not going to hurt you,” and “I just want some food.” The husband, who overheard his wife on the phone with police, said Thornton eventually agreed to leave and was confronted by police as he did.

Because he was exposed to pepper spray, Thornton was evaluated by a medic and treated during the booking process at the police department. He was held in custody overnight and arraigned Tuesday in Bristol Superior Court.

During the hearing, Thornton’s bail was set at $10,000, which he posted after his arraignment. Court officials said he does not have a previous criminal record.

Thornton, who did not enter a plea Tuesday, is due back in court Oct. 11.

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