Bristol man accused of burning 5-year-old girl with hot iron

Published on Thursday, 27 July 2017 21:08


BRISTOL - A Bristol man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly burning a 5-year-old girl with a hot iron because she may have wrinkled his clothes.

Victor Diaz, 33, has been accused of pressing the iron on the girl’s buttocks over her jeans, leaving a scar that her father spotted about nine months after the incident.

Diaz, who is free on $150,000 bond, is facing charges of second-degree assault, risk of injury to a minor and first-degree reckless endangerment.

The five-page warrant identifies Diaz as the boyfriend of the victim’s mother. Sometime in September, the document said, the 5-year-old was on her mother’s bed, playing with an iPad, while Diaz was ironing his clothes. At some point, the warrant said, she rolled over onto his clothing and Diaz got upset, allegedly using the hot iron to burn the girl’s buttocks over her jeans.

The girl told investigators she told her mother, who was in another room, about the incident and showed her the burn mark. According to the warrant, the mother became upset with Diaz and told him not to do that again.

The girl’s father told police in June that he hadn’t been allowed to see his daughter in six months. He said he noticed the mark in September, but was told by the girl’s mother that it was a rash, the warrant said. The wound was fresh, making it difficult to tell exactly what it was. It wasn’t until June, according to the father, that he noticed it was a scar in the shape of an iron.

The girl also told her father, the warrant said, that her mother had told her if she said anything about the marks, Diaz would go to jail. The girl also said Diaz “bites her, hits her and puts her in the corner for no reason,” according to the warrant.

The father also told officers that his daughter, over the years, sustained five broken ribs and a broken arm. The state’s Department of Children and Families was involved in those past incidents, but they ruled that the injuries were the result of an accident.

Earlier this month, the child’s mother agreed to speak to police about the scar on her daughter. She told detectives that Diaz had been ironing in September while she was dressing the little girl after she had showered. At some point, the mother said, Diaz put the iron down on the bed and it fell over onto her daughter’s bare buttocks, according to the warrant. The mother said she did not take the child to the doctor, and instead, got some cream from the pharmacy.

Police in the warrant said the scar that was left on the girl could not have been left by an iron that touched her bare skin. The marking was indicative of one that went through clothing. Detectives noted in the document that this made the 5-year-old’s version of events more likely.

Police attempted to speak with Diaz during the investigation, but he referred detectives to an attorney, who ultimately did not arrange an interview with officers.

Diaz was arraigned Thursday in Bristol Superior Court, where he was ordered not to contact the victim, go to her home or come within 100 yards of her while the charges are pending.

“I think this is one of the most heinous acts I’ve ever seen,” Jeffrey Lee, the prosecutor, said during the arraignment.

Judge Richard Dyer urged Diaz to hire a lawyer to represent him.

“You really need one,” the judge said.

“Mr. Diaz, you’re presumed to be innocent, but these are serious charges,” Dyer continued. “You really need legal assistance at this point.”

Diaz, of 2 Hurley Commons, did not enter a plea and is due back in court on Aug. 10 - when it will be determined if his case will be transferred to New Britain, where the most serious matters in the area are prosecuted.

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