Bristol man charged with attempted murder in gang-related Davis Drive shooting

Published on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 21:01


BRISTOL - A city man was arrested Tuesday on an attempted murder charge after he was allegedly involved in a gang-related shooting on Davis Drive a year ago that left a woman seriously injured.

Quadree Rollins, 22, is facing charges in connection with the shooting of 34-year-old Vanessa Vazquez, of Terryville, who was shot six times in the upper torso on July 11, 2016.

Vazquez was on Davis Drive that day visiting her friend Christopher “Little” Solis, according to the arrest warrant for Rollins. The six-page document said Vazquez has “strong ties” to the “DooWop” street gang - which reportedly controls the Cambridge Park housing unit - and Solis is a part of it.

After visiting Solis, the warrant said, Vazquez, shortly after midnight, was walking to her brother’s home on Davis Drive. While walking, she alleges, she saw Rollins and two other men standing near her brother’s apartment unit. At that point, according to the warrant, Vazquez saw Rollins pull out a gun and fire one round at her. She felt the bullet hit her and froze for a moment before Rollins allegedly pointed the gun at her again, at which point she turned to run away and felt several more bullets hit her.

Vazquez then heard a car speed off, she later told police. Some of the shots that were fired struck a nearby home where multiple children lived. A stray bullet also hit a nearby parked car. No other injuries were reported.

In the ambulance, according to the warrant, Vazquez tried to tell police it was a rival gang member’s “boys” who shot her. After she was treated at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, police said in the warrant, Vazquez was uncooperative in the investigation and temporarily relocated to Florida.

After moving back to Bristol, Vazquez saw Rollins in a Walgreens store on Main Street on April 27. She confronted him and began yelling at him, which prompted a police response. At the store, officers spoke to Rollins, who denied any knowledge of the shooting, the warrant said.

Vazquez told police she was 100 percent certain Rollins was the one who shot her. She added that she only knew the three men she saw on Davis Drive a year ago by their street names.

According to the warrant, Solis was the victim of a shooting in Farmington about a month before the incident on Davis Drive. He and his “associates” in DooWop have previously been the target of a rival street gang, the warrant said. The document does not name the gang.

According to the warrant, Rollins and another man were at one point suspects in the shooting that injured Solis. It is not clear if they were ever charged.

Furthermore, Solis currently has charges pending in connection with a shooting outside the Disabled American Veterans chapter, at 191 Riverside Ave., on Nov. 7, 2015, as a baby shower was going on inside. No one was injured, but the shots scared the large group of people who were at the gathering, according to police.  According to the warrant in that case, the shots were fired as retaliation with someone inside the baby shower, with whom Solis has had an ongoing dispute. It is not clear if that dispute was connected to the one that triggered the Davis Drive incident.

Rollins, of 93 Lawndale Ave., was charged Tuesday with attempted murder, first-degree assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm and carrying a pistol without a permit. During his arraignment Tuesday afternoon in Bristol Superior Court, he was ordered to be held on $750,000 bond.

The case was transferred to court in New Britain, where the most serious cases in the area are prosecuted. Rollins, who has not entered a plea, is scheduled to appear in New Britain on July 25.

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