Zoppo-Sassu in race: Democrats announce mayoral candidate for November election

Published on Monday, 15 May 2017 22:58


BRISTOL - The Bristol Democratic Town Committee announced Monday that Ellen Zoppo-Sassu will again seek election for mayor.

She previously ran for the position in 2015 and lost to current Mayor Ken Cockayne by a small margin.

“I still want to help our friends and neighbors affected by what is happening in Hartford and change the way we do business in Bristol,” she said. “That means regionalization and sharing resources. We are a hidden gem that we need to support culturally, socially and economically. I believe we have the ability to lead and combat dwindling resources from Hartford and Washington.”

Zoppo criticized Cockayne for calling Centre Square “an entertainment destination called The Patch instead of a vacant lot” and Memorial Boulevard School an “ongoing project” instead of “sitting empty for five years.” She also criticized him for “promising zero tax increase when zero is anything from one to five percent.”

“We have to break the cycle of not improving and being unable to fix our problems here,” she said. “Investment is more than knocking down buildings and posing for photo ops. It’s not just about demolition; it’s about education and beautification. I’m done going to Board of Finance meetings and asking for money for education.”

In addition, Peter Kelley and Greg Hahn and announced their intention to run for Town Council for the second and first districts, respectively.

“I’d like to ask all of you for your support tonight in running for a seat in the second district,” said Kelley. “I’m running for the first time and it will be a lot of work but I am confident. There has been a decline in graciousness and diplomacy and the voters are sick of it. It’s not about any one candidate. It’s about we the city of Bristol.”

Kelley has lived in Bristol for 35 years and worked for 25 at Crowley Auto and 7 years at Bristol Federal Credit Union.

Hahn, the president of the Bristol Brass and Wind Ensemble, promised to be a voice for the arts.

“2015 was our last concert at Memorial Boulevard School,” he said. “After that it was closed I believe for political purposes and now we perform at a church which we are outgrowing. The concerts brought business to downtown. We can’t bring back Memorial Boulevard school with idle promises. Ken Cockayne has no plan, is making no effort and doesn’t care.”

Democratic Councilor Calvin Brown also announced he will not seek re-election while rallying the democratic base as they prepare for election season.

“We need values, vision and voice,” he said. “I want a vision for Bristol that includes everyone; that’s what I want to change most and what has me most fired up about defeating Ken Cockayne. I don’t know what Ken’s values are, I don’t know his vision and I’m a little tired of his voice.”

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