Lincoln College grads go forth with pomp and mortarboards

Published on Friday, 12 May 2017 23:03
Written by BRIAN M. JOHNSON 


SOUTHINGTON - Lincoln College of New England sent off its 50th crop of graduates Friday with pomp, circumstance, congratulations and well-wishes.

The college’s 150 graduates enjoyed a cool breeze as they assembled clad in gowns and caps decorated in accordance with their professions. Dentists bore glittering teeth atop their caps and mortuary scientists bore Day of the Dead skeletons.

Family members brought along celebratory balloons and a sense of pride for their loved ones’ achievements.  Many snapped a slew of photographs to capture the memories forever.

Following the singing of the National Anthem by Jenna Glasper, school President Denise Lewicki bid the graduates farewell and offered words of inspiration - noting that she is the parent of a graduate herself.

“Tomorrow you will begin jobs and summer adventures,” said Lewicki. “You will remember this day for the rest of your life. I hope the pride you feel as you walk across the stage is rivaled only by your nostalgia for your time here. I am optimistic that who you are and what you’ve learned will equip you to face any challenges.”

Rhonda Glover, program manager of the human resources division of the FBI, gave the keynote address and was also awarded an honorary degree.

“I’m going to give you straight talk,” said Glover. “In school you are taught a lesson and given a test. In life you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. Life’s journey is a test every step of the way. Today the tests really begin.”

Glover encouraged graduates to strive for excellence and be ready for opportunities to come their way. She said she was excited and humbled to speak to them.

Later, Valedictorian Deborah Kotrady and Salutatorian Chrystal Coggins addressed their classmates.

“We are now on the doorstep of starting a new adventure,” said Kotrady. “Some of us are solidifying our present career paths; others are entering a new professional career. This is truly an exciting time. As you step into your new lives, remember you will achieve much and at times you will face challenges and failures. However, it is important to remember you will always learn something from each success and failure. You will grow and achieve. I wish you all the best in your chosen paths. It has been an honor.”

Coggins encouraged graduates to give back to their communities and be a “guiding light” to someone in need. She also thanked her parents for “putting up with so many frozen dinners, calls of “Quiet I’m trying to study!” and all of their sacrifices. She also thanked a teacher who pushed her to stay with college when at one point she wanted to quit.

Then, at last, came the moment of truth as the students stepped up one by one to receive their certificates.

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SOUTHINGTON - The following students graduated from Lincoln College Friday:

Nathalie Acevedo

Shantel Alvarez

Zaneta Bak

Jamie Beckwith

Kara Benoit

Merdith A. Benson

Donna M. Blake

Victoria Bloomer

Kaitlynn J. Boney

Dawn E. Borecki

Bridget Botond

Breahna Boucher

Timothy Boudrieau

Alexandra C. Boyd

Adriann T. Branch

Megan C. Butler

Audra R. Cannizzaro

Jennifer Carnes

Alexandra J. Caselli

Reuel Channey

April Clark

Richard Coe

Crystal Coggins

Michael E. Colon

Jeannie Cooke

Shannon J. Corbett

Patricia Crossley

Dashawn D. Crumbery

Sandra M. Davino

Franklin J. Davis

Cesar Del Rosario

Cassidy A. DeLucia

Gavin DeMauro

Ferda Demirtas

Monica R. DePaolo

Karlene Deschaine

Dominic D. Dicepolo

Danette Dominy

Debora R DoNascimento

Thyessia M. Downs

Kimberly A. Dunnigan

Jennifer I. Dwy

Erica L. Elliot

Robyn M. Esposito

Leuxus Famiglietti

Alexandra Fearnley

Vanessa Fiorelli

Jenna Glasper

Tonya Goodman

Rachael Gordon

Sarah Goulis

Asha Grant

Khadijah Gray

Tamara Grey

Ashton T. Grillo

Eden Hartman

Stephen M. Hayes

Kashanna Hector

Angela Henderson

Katielynn Hoffman

Jeanette Holdridge

Erin Hunting

Jasmine J. Jackson

Kimberly Jeannin

Alexis S. Jordan

David N. Kausyla

Geonna C. Klina

Monika Kloc

Michelle A. Knecht

Deborah Kotrady

Kelly A. Krizek Criscuolo

Shea Lagonigro

Gina M. Leining-Smith

Samuel Leon

MMegan H. Levesque

Jenna M. Levy

Mallory N. Liskin

Elizabeth G. Lowery

Emily L. Madore

Angelo Maisano

Migdalis Malave

Monica Martin

Tina Matsalia

Erin McCarthy

Allison C. McCormick

Alexis McDowell

Brandi McKune

Kaylany A. Medina

Chelsea E. Mercier

Andraya Miles

Christine Muccino

Sophia Nasiakos

Brooke L. Noreikis

Majdoline Noureddine

Taylor O’Keefe

Annmary Onwuazor

Mark Panus

Jill Patry

Brianna E. Pawlak

Jaydeanne Pawlowski

Courtney B. Pelletier

Hector G. Pereira

Luis Perez

Maria Pimentel

Lauren M. Proctor

Deidre C. Pulido

Jennifer Pupek

Jonathan Ramos

Azemina Redzepagic

Erika Rivera

Rickia E. Roc

Stephanie Rochler

Genesis V. Roman

Tyler A. Royster

Amy Rustemeyer

Niema Saeed

Gabrielle Salerno

Caroline D. Santana

Jenna Santoro

Jeffrey Santos

Akua Sarfo

Candace Sayour

Ivana Schulman

Cara Signore

Ashley Small

Rachel A. Smith

Victoria Smith

Chelsea M. St Pierre

Kayla Stokes

Jaleesa Sutton

Maureen A. Taraskewich

Erjeta Tehillim

Kimberly A. Theriault

Alexandra M. Thiel

Devon N. Thompson

Patricia Thoren

Jamie Throwe

Arijana Trozic

Jesneiry C. Vargas

Jodel Vogt

Tinesha Wallace

Stephanie R. Williams

Danielle Wollschlager

Gregory D. Wright Jr.

Ashley Wrinn

Alyssa S. Yoelson

Holly C. Zienkowicz

- Lincoln College

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