8-play BCHS career gives senior Great Eight Award

Published on Monday, 17 April 2017 22:00
Written by Kristen Gloss

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - It’s not very often that a student is involved in every single production put on during their time in high school

Kevin Michaud, a Bristol Central senior, is being honored with the Great Eight Award, which is given to students who have been a part of all eight theater shows from their freshman year to their senior year.

“It’s happened maybe five times over the past 10 years,” said Lindsey DiPietro, English teacher and drama director. “It’s a very special thing to get in as a freshman because they are usually small casts of nine to 12 people or so. It’s a pretty great accomplishment.”

Michaud received a figure eight with the name of each show he performed in painted on it to mark the honor after his last show this year.

“Above everything, Kevin is one of the kindest and most gentle… not even just students, but people, that I’ve ever known. From his first audition, we fell in love with him,” DiPietro said.

In his first play called “The Survivor,” Michaud portrayed the youngest in a group of boys trying to escape the Nazi occupation.

“He wasn’t always the lead. He wasn’t always our best actor who gets the best parts, but he was the kid who could play any part that we gave him,” DiPietro said.

Through-out high school, Michaud played the Mayor of Munchkin City in “The Wizard of Oz,” Leaf Coneybear in the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” a reporter in “Inherit the Wind,” a greaser guy, Doody, in “Grease,” and was in the ensemble of “Little Shop of Horrors.”

In his final show, “The Addams Family,” he played the father, Gomez Addams.

“Teachers are still saying they can’t believe how good Kevin was. People are still complimenting him,” DiPietro said.

Molly Watstein, one of Michaud’s classmates and fellow cast member, has played parts and often co-led in seven of the eight shows that he performed in. Frequently their characters would be related as husband and wife, father and daughter or mother and son.

“He’s really passionate about acting. He always wants to make sure that the shows are the best that they can be,” Watstein said.

Her favorite performance with Michaud was the recent “The Addams Family” production. She played Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Michaud’s character.

“There’s a scene where he sings to her a song about growing up. Kevin and I both as seniors were pretty emotional about that song during the scene. We really felt that it was kind of a good final moment to share the stage,” Watstein said.

Michaud is not only known for his skill within his roles.

He would learn everyone’s lines and know each play inside and out, help at all of the tech builds and help paint the sets. If anyone ever needed help learning lines or auditions with music, he was always eager to volunteer or give them a hand, Watstein said. He used his own experience to help underclassmen on auditions and making their parts more realistic.

Both Michaud and Watstein also served as vice president and president, respectively, of the drama club for the past two years, which involved fundraising and organizing - making an impact beyond the stage.

“It’s pretty amazing, seeing him from that young 14 year old into the young man he is now,” DiPietro said. “Anything you’d need, he would do it. He’s committed to becoming the best possible performer that he can be. He is unstoppable.”

Michaud will be majoring in Music Production and Theater at Western Connecticut State University next year.

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