Bristol Eastern golf getting contributions from five girls

Published on Monday, 14 May 2018 21:16
Written by SHELBY IAVA


NEW BRITAIN - Bristol Eastern doesn’t technically have a girls golf team, but it does have plenty of girls who golf.

Out of the 12 roster spots on the Lancers’ boys golf team, five are taken by girls, and those girls are making an impact on the links.

During Thursday’s match against New Britain, Kelsey Wyrebek and Olivia Beaudoin were Bristol Eastern’s No. 3 and 4 golfers for the afternoon.

“The first I played with the boys was a little scary, especially being my size.” Wyrebek said. “Everyone is literally twice my size. Sometimes you out-drive them, sometimes they out-drive you by a lot. You just have to take it how it is. A lot of them are really respectful about it, they’re good people.”

Throughout the years, Lancers head coach Greg Boulanger has had about a dozen girls play for him on the boys team.

“I want the girls to be engaged in the sport,” Boulanger said. “I want them to try to get better and I don’t want them to feel defeated, that they should not be out here. On more than one occasion my ladies have beat a few of the guys, which is tremendous.”

For Bristol Eastern and its head coach, it’s all about promoting the sport.

Boulanger thinks it’s cool that he can have girls on his team.

“The largest demographic in golf that’s growing is the female golfer,” Boulanger said. “My girls, they can have fun, they can laugh.”

Beaudoin added, “It’s kind of empowering to play with the boys, being the only two girls [playing that day]. We hit the same as them, even though we play from the [women’s] tees. I feel like we can compete with them and it’s a great feeling.”

What’s interesting about Beaudoin is that she just started playing golf two months ago and is still learning how the game works. She’s already shooting around 60.

“This season I feel I’m just learning and improving more,” Beaudoin said. “I just want to enjoy the different courses and get a feel for how the game actually works. I definitely want to make my score go down a little bit more.”

Wyrebek, meanwhile, is a senior and would like to hit under 50 a couple more times before the season ends.

“It would be a nice way to go out as a senior,” Wyrebek said.

That also means there will be more opportunities for the Lancers’ other female players to make an impact on the course.

“I’ll have four other females coming back,” Boulanger said. “I always say I have a good group of kids. This is a win, win, and at the end of the year, if these kids have gotten a little bit better, that’s all that matters.”

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