Goralski twins off to strong start for Bristol Central girls tennis

Published on Friday, 13 April 2018 21:22


BRISTOL - Any opponent that faces the Bristol Central girls tennis team will have to take down a pair of twins on the court, Abby and Alex Goralski.

It’s far from an easy task.

Both are off to strong starts this season with 3-1 records, Abby at No. 1 singles and Alex at No. 3.

While the two compete individually, both have grown up playing the sport and developed together on the court.

After Abby finished her match against Bristol Eastern this week, she came off the court and shortly after was on the fence behind Alex to watch her sister finish up her match.

“I think it’s cool because we can both push each other and give each other advice,” Alex said. “And since she’s No. 1 and I’m No. 3, she always helps me do better.”

Playing against them is tough since consistency is a huge part of their game, often forcing stronger hitting opponents into unforced errors.

“The strength of both of them is their consistency,” Bristol Central coach Sara DeFillippi said. “When I play them at practice to give them a challenge it’s like playing with a wall. They get everything back, so it’s nice to see that you can be successful without being a power hitter. Consistency can win you matches and they’re the epitome of that.”

Their competitiveness on the court also has stood out over the years. First year head coach Sara DeFillippi has known the two for many years after serving as their camp counselor when the two were young.

The coach believes their competitiveness is a big factor behind the success the two have had early on in the season. It didn’t take long for DeFillippi to be reminded of it.

“They told me on the second or third practice when I asked them to go play a challenge match that ‘I don’t know about that coach, we get really competitive,’” DeFillippi said. “And they were right. They’re arguing and fighting because they have that competitiveness to them. They say that Abby’s better, but they’re close. They’re both very, very good.”

Still early in the season, the two are on the right track to having successful senior seasons and the potential is there for both to reach double-digit wins.

“As long as they keep up their consistency I see them being very successful this season and winning a majority of their matches,” DeFillippi said.

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