Faello has been Bristol Blues' top starter this summer

Published on Monday, 29 July 2019 20:24


BRISTOL - The coaching staff of the Bristol Blues doesn’t like officially labeling who the No. 1, 2, 3 and so on pitchers are in the starting rotation. 

But it doesn’t matter if it’s an official title or not. Mark Faello has been the club’s No. 1 guy this summer. 

“At this point in the summer, if you wanna label anybody like that, he’d be that guy,” Blues manager Ronnie Palmer said. “He just comes out every day, and he goes to work. He throws strikes, works hard, he’s got a good buzz about him, and he’s a competitor.”

The right-handed Faello earned an All-Star Game selection this summer and is tied for the FCBL lead with five wins, having gone 5-0 with a 1.80 ERA with 24 strikeouts and 18 walks allowed in 35 innings during six starts. 

“He’s just been very good all summer for us,” Palmer said. “When it’s his turn in the rotation, we always know we’re gonna have a shot to really compete that night and possibly get a W. Mark’s been very, very good for us all summer.”

In four of his six starts, Faello has thrown at least six innings, with a pair of seven-inning starts and another in which he threw 6⅔ innings.

That sort of dependability on a starter takes some pressure off the bullpen and lets the relievers relax a bit more during the week. 

“When they get five or six or seven, it takes a load off the bullpen, and it extends those guys for later in the week so they’re ready to go,” Palmer said. “It’s less taxing on their arms, and Mark has done that every time. Obviously, as a coach that’s just a blessing to have somebody that’s gonna continue to do that. Hopefully he does that the next time we run him out.”

Following the loss of starters Ryan Lauk and Cam Van Hoorebeke, it’s become even more imperative for the Blues to be able to rely on a competitor such as Faello. 

“You know you’re gonna get six or seven out of Mark,” Blues pitching coach Jordie Scheiner said. “He might give up two, but he’s gonna pitch his tail off. Mark’s been here the whole year. His drive to do better hasn’t changed. He’s shown up as much as he can. He does as much as he can. That’s gonna carry him far if he continues on this path. I couldn’t be happier with how he’s been throwing.”

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