Hit the music! Blues debate best walk-up songs

Published on Friday, 29 July 2016 22:51
Written by Josh Kestenbaum

Staff Writer

BRISTOL - If you go to any baseball game, from the FCBL and college baseball up through to the major leagues, you will hear the home team batters’ walk-up songs.

Each player picks a song to play while they step up to the plate, but different players have different tastes and criteria for their walk-up songs.

And the Bristol Blues are no different.

The Blues’ songs only play during home games at Muzzy Field, where Joe Boyle is in charge of playing the selections, as well as all other in-house music. When asked about the best walk-up songs on the team, he provided a top-5 list in no particular order: Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove” for outfielder Lorenzo Arcuri, “Work from Home” by Fifth Harmony for utility player Liam Scafariello, the Space Jam theme song for first baseman Andrew Kendrick, The Outfield’s “Your Love” for outfielder/first baseman Brandon Grover and, for catcher James Brown, “I Feel Good” by James Brown.

When talking to the team, there was some disagreement on whose song is best, but it was all in good fun. For Arcuri, there’s no doubt in his mind which player has the best walk-up song.

“I still pick mine,” he said. “I like Earth, Wind and Fire. You can’t beat Earth, Wind and Fire. They’re incredible.”

Even though the players and coaches often cannot hear the songs on the field, as they are focusing on the game, the unusual songs tend to leave an impression.

“I have heard some walk-up songs that I do like,” Blues pitching coach Jordie Scheiner said. “Frankie [Gregoire]’s walk-up song is good. [Scafariello] has a good walk-up song. That’s my favorite. You don’t expect that girl song.”

Scafariello, the 6-foot-4, 240-pound utility player for Bristol, walks up to an upbeat pop song that is not aligned with what one would expect from a guy his size, but it is a song he likes so he chose it.

“I don’t know. It’s just a song I enjoy listening to,” Scafariello said about his choice. “The chorus is good and I’d rather have that than a crazy rap song that no one understands. I enjoy listening to it and might as well put it as my walk-up song.”

While there may be a top-5, everyone has their own opinion of their teammates’ walk-up songs and some like ones that were not in the previous top list. As Scheiner mentioned, in addition to Scafariello’s, he is also a fan of Gregoire’s song, “Foreigners” by Fabolous.

Some of the players’ favorite walk-up song was one that was for a player that no longer plays in Bristol. When asked about his favorite, pitcher Izzy Fuentes picked former Blues outfielder Chris Morris’ “Road to Glory” by Tupac.

“He had a great walk-up song that not a lot of people use,” Fuentes said. “It reminded me of my roots. It always got me. I was always bobbing my head when it would come on. It was good to hear it.”

As far as deciding on a walk-up song, the Blues have very different methods. For Arcuri, it was about staying with a classic.

“It’s funny to me,” he said. “It’s always been my walk-up song.”

Because the players can rarely hear the song, the selection is sometimes arbitrary, but there is still a method behind the madness. While Arcuri went for humor, Scafariello went for a song that he enjoys listening to away from the ballpark and one that gets him ready to bat.

“Sometimes I do [hear it],” Scafariello said. “It just relaxes me and gets me ready to hit.”

So next time you are at Muzzy Field, pay attention to the walk-up songs for your favorite player. They may just tell you something about him.

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