Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra posting performances online, hoping to create personal connections

Published on Thursday, 14 May 2020 11:52


Places of public entertainment will be the last to reopen once the state nears the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite not being able to perform, the Connecticut Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra is still trying to entertain its audience.

The orchestra is making recordings of many previous performances available on its website, YouTube channel and SoundCloud page. Anyone interested in listening now has a variety of the orchestra’s music to choose from.

“We have so many beautiful recordings that we are already sharing with our audience,” Orchestra founder and creative director Adrian Sylveen said. “It’s remarkable to have people listen to these things that are not at the concerts, you have an additional audience for those performances. It’s wonderful.”

Sylveen added he hopes to have small groups of performers make more recordings over the summer in a recording studio. In addition to the music, he is uploading interviews he is conducting with individual musicians from the orchestra to the YouTube channel so people can learn more about them and their careers.

“The idea is that the chamber orchestra of ours is really a combination of outstanding musicians,” Sylveen said. “You come to the concert, they’re listed in the personnel and the audience leaves, but there’s no personal relationship between the audience and the musicians. So we’re using this time to reintroduce these individuals because you have to remember that behind every event there is a personal story.”

In addition to performances, the orchestra offers summer programs that were even supposed to feature a trip to Italy, but that has been canceled. With state reopening laws currently allowing summer camps to open June 29 under social distancing restrictions, Sylveen hopes they can reenter a more familiar society then.

“We’re hoping that our summer program will be taking place,” Sylveen said. “However small it might be this year, that’s OK.”

While there is no set reopening date for the orchestra yet, Sylveen is confident his ensemble will be able to get back on stage sooner than anticipated.

“We are a chamber orchestra, which means the flexibility of scaling down,” Sylveen said. “We can have an event with five [musicians] or 10 [musicians] and it’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous musical event, whereas a symphony orchestra needs 50 people to sit down and that’s much more troubling.”

Regardless of how the remainder of the pandemic plays out, Sylveen is certain there will be a place for his orchestra when the time comes.

“I don’t know if you can say that we are closed, we are finding ourselves a new reality,” Sylveen said. “I think it will take some time to find ourselves in it, but I think we will.”

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