93.7 Hot Morning Crew gets new personality

Published on Sunday, 28 May 2017 21:46
Written by Michelle Jalbert

Special to the Press

BRISTOL - There’s a new voice hitting the airwaves at the 93.7 Hot Morning Crew: Stevey Newnez.

Newnez will be joining DJ Buck, Nancy Barrow, and another new addition, Genesis, at the hip-hop and R&B CBS radio station.

The Hot Morning Crew plays a wide variety of music and discusses many different topics, especially entertainment. The show is on Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

“I’m excited to express my big, over the top, vibrant personality,” said Newnez.

Newnez was born in Queens, N.Y., grew up in Corbin Heights in New Britain, and now lives in Bristol, which he visited often in his youth.

Though he only started his job last Monday, he said “it feels like I’ve been there my whole life because I listened to them (93.7) growing up.”

As the son of a Dominican mother and Puerto Rican father, Newnez is especially thrilled to be on a show that features so much diversity.

“Our show is the very reflection of what Connecticut is,” he said. The show’s “energy is great. It’s amazing.”

“I’m very excited to come from New Britain and be an example to the youth,” Newnez said. He runs a youth program called Club Holy Ground where he encourages kids to chase their dreams, just like he did.

He attended E.C. Goodwin Technical High School, which “always believed in me, encouraged me, and hyped me up,” said Newnez. He gave the commencement speech there in 2014.

From there be became a teacher.

However, after a conversation with ESPN sports broadcaster, Colin Cowherd, whose son he taught, Newnez decided to go into broadcasting. He was also motivated to go into the field after a journalist at the New York Puerto Rican Day parade interviewed him.

Newnez graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, got an internship and then his first job at KISS 95.7, and worked at iHeart Media in Tampa, Fla. He was on the social media show Chatted Up, the Bristol Beats Radio show, and a show called Fuego Latino.

He’s also made several TV appearances, such as on Oxygen and BET.

He said his inspiration was his mother, Evelyn Perez, his father, Felix Nunez, his uncle, El Cacique, his wife, Joanna and his daughter, Khloe.

His father and uncle were both musicians. He was also inspired by his pastor at Right Now Ministries in New Britain and Amy Sunshine, who worked with him at Bristol Beat Radio and KISS 95.7.

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