Bristol All Heart releases new app for smartphones, tablets

Published on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 22:01
Written by Lorenzo Burgio


BRISTOL - A new, free app has been added to the All Heart website by the Bristol Development Authority.

The app will allow easier access to the website as part of the city’s efforts to regenerate its marketing campaign.

The goal is not only to attract visitors to the site, but to have them do so repeatedly, explained Mark Thomas, BDA marketing and public relations specialist.

“We closely monitor our visitors’ behavior and preferences through advanced metrics and personal feedback. For the first six months of the year we found that over half of our visitors visit the All Heart site on a mobile device, smart phone or tablet,” said Thomas. “Our new app makes it easy to visit our site and learn what is going on weekly in Bristol by simply downloading the app and putting it on their mobile device’s home screen,” he added.

When the URL for the All Heart website is being typed into a browser on a mobile device, an automatic pop-up will appear asking if the individual would be interested in downloading the app.

“It’s important we make it easy for people to find the hidden treasures that we have in Bristol. Over the first part of the year, Thomas has been working on the site to enhance the content and navigation,” said Justin Malley, BDA executive director. “The site has always been a good source of information for residents, local businesses, and visitors. Our aim is to make sure that before the tourist season gets in full swing, everyone who in our city will have a good resource for finding Bristol’s attractions. Now, this is as close as the palms of their hands,” Malley added.

The All Heart website was launched in late 2015, but visits to the website have increased 25 percent in the last year and 78 percent of individuals logging on to the site are new visitors.

Work is still being performed on the website that aims to enhance search engine optimization, because it impacts the rankings that sites are listed during a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is important to potential businesses, tourists and residents, explained Thomas.

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